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  1. "The Lagoon:An Artistic Impression"

    Awesome!!! What kind of corals will you put into?
  2. My CUBE

    Thanks! But there is also much more to do
  3. •The Magic Kingdom 3g Pico• Retired

    Very NIce
  4. My CUBE

    Hi Folks! This is my nanoreef, a 16"x16"x16" cube. It started 3 months ago, and I'm adding frags day by day (or unless I have money ) Filtration: DIY hang on skimmer Light: DIY CREE + chinese led lighting (4 MC-E CW + 8 XR-E Royal+ 6x 3w chinese warm white leds + 6x 3w chinese cool blue leds) Circulation: 3200 water pump ( I keep it at min.) I dose live brine shrimp 1-2 times at week For now I have 2 Amphiprion Clarkii and 2 symbiont crabs in the hystryx and in the montipora green.