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  1. RCReef's Reincarnation

    Well, it's been a while. Way less macros now and lots more mushrooms. Having a little cyano and bubble issue, but hopefully some manual removal, a couple big water changes and the clean up crew additions will take care of it. The emerald is hard at work. You can see him in the center working on some bubble covered in cyano. Both the clowns are still doing great. The female has gotten much larger, and the tail grew most of the way back on the male.
  2. RCReef's Reincarnation

    Unfortunately the Royal Gramma is gone. However, Nemo is doing surprisingly well. His tail is actually growing back and a little bit of the black portion is there now.
  3. RCReef's Reincarnation

    Actually, the Hypnea started out like that and has been rapidly deteriorating. I'm about to pull what's left out of the tank. I wouldn't recommend it. All the other macros are rocking. Nemo is missing the clear, black, and part of the orange area of his tail, but seems to be doing well other than he's not a strong swimmer. Kind of ironic considering who he is named after. The royal gramma did great for a little bit, but I haven't been able to find him for 2 days. I fear the worst for him.
  4. They really do hook you up with a ton of very nice macros for the money. They're who I get my macros from.
  5. Sand bed with brown algae?

    You want to use RODI water for top offs. Tap water will most likely have phosphates, nitrates, and silicates. Topping off with tap will provide the nutrients that diatoms or unwanted algae require.
  6. Sand bed with brown algae?

    That looks like diatoms to me. Are you using RODI water to top off and to mix your saltwater for changes?
  7. RCReef's Reincarnation

    I added a Royal Gramma to the aquarium. I'm hoping the newfound aggression might subside with more than just the two fish, and was thinking that a Royal Gramma is tough enough to hold it's own against a small clownfish. Also, I love the purple and yellow coloration. I've always had good luck with them being very hard too.
  8. RCReef's Reincarnation

    Well...Trouble in paradise. Yesterday when I got home from work, Nemo was missing the clear and black section of his tail fin. This morning, he and Nemette were sleeping in separate beds. Hope it works out and he heals up.
  9. Clownfish, any tips?

    You should be fine with them. Sounds like it's starting to work out.
  10. Clownfish, any tips?

    Also, what type of clowns do you have? Some are much easier to get to pair up than others.
  11. Clownfish, any tips?

    Watch the one getting picked on to make sure it doesn't get too bad. If it gets too bad you may have to separate them. Watch for it to start dancing (shaking motion) which means it is submitting and the violence should stop. It will be the male and stay smaller. In the future, make sure one of the clowns you get is a little bigger. Many times that will insure the decision is quick and easy. My latest pair of clowns instantly started acting like a bonded pair by doing that. They are rarely more than two inches from each other and sleep touching each other.
  12. Glad to hear you got it worked out. Looks like the start of a nice aquarium.
  13. RCReef's Reincarnation

    Thanks. I really can't believe how quick this one was to setup. This was taken a month after adding water. Now just have to do the waiting game and let things grow and fill in, and of course, sit back and watch my clowns.
  14. RCReef's Reincarnation

    Done adding stuff for a while. Time to let everything grow and fill in.
  15. Stop listening to the guy at the LFS. Once you mix your saltwater using RO/DI water, test it and make sure it is good. Change about 25% per week. Cut back on the feedings. They don't need that much food. Wait on nems until your tank is more mature and stable. Forget about having Tangs in a tank that size. Don't add anything else. Your pair of clowns and your small cleanup crew is all this tank is going to support for a while.