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  1. Done adding stuff for a while. Time to let everything grow and fill in.
  2. Stop listening to the guy at the LFS. Once you mix your saltwater using RO/DI water, test it and make sure it is good. Change about 25% per week. Cut back on the feedings. They don't need that much food. Wait on nems until your tank is more mature and stable. Forget about having Tangs in a tank that size. Don't add anything else. Your pair of clowns and your small cleanup crew is all this tank is going to support for a while.
  3. Thanks. The colors actually pop and fluoresce more in real life. Still struggling with taking pictures of an LED lit tank. I have a few more zoa frags and another nice ric coming on Tuesday. After that, it will be a bit of a waiting game while everything grows and fills in.
  4. Added some zoas and some big green frilly mushrooms. They were just dipped and added to the tank last night, so they're still a bit angry and haven't opened up all the way yet.
  5. The camera allows me to control the white balance. Going to play with the manual white balance and see if I can get some better pics.
  6. The new LEDs are mounted and the drivers have been replaced. I really like this setup. The LEDs are definitely brighter than the old ones, and I have better color. I also like that the drivers work all the way down to 1% instead of turning off the LEDs at 13% like the old ones did. I'm still working on getting them balanced perfectly, and on figuring out how to get some decent pictures. Both my iPhone and my camera freak out unless I cut the blue way down and crank the white up.
  7. There are now fish in the aquarium.
  8. Which of these cameras will work well with LED lighting? Or are there recommended settings? So far, my pictures really don't look like the tank. I have an iPhone 7 and a Sony AX53 4K camcorder. Sorry about the partial hijack.
  9. Wow, I only run a 4 stage and do water changes with half mixed with Red Sea Coral Pro Salt, and half Nutri Sea Water. Of course, I top off with straight RODI. I mix my synthetic a little low to balance out the higher salinity of the Nutri Sea Water. Has the water cleared up any or is it still cloudy?
  10. Go to reefcleaners.org and get dwarf ceriths from John. They ate diatoms off my sand during the cycle. He's a sponsor here and is the man when it comes to clean up crews. I usually go with a combination of dwarf and regular ceriths, nerites, nasarius, and a few small hermits. He has cleanup crew packages based on tank size also that are a very good way to go.
  11. I've always had the problem of particulates that take a really long time to dissolve with Instant Ocean. With nothing in the tank, those particulates are probably still being blown around instead of settling. Also, did you use RODI or tap water to fill up the aquarium? If you used tap, I would highly recommend draining it and starting over.
  12. I've got the 24 LEDs in 4 LED channels setup now. Channel 1 is 4 cool whites, channel 2 is 4 LEDs with 2 neutral whites and 2 warm whites, channel 3 is 8 royal blues, and channel 4 is 8 LEDs with 2 400-410, 2 410-420, 2 420-430, and 2 440-445. Channels 1-3 are 1500ma and channel 4 is 700ma. I have a BlueFish controlling the LDD-H-4S board with the 4 drivers on it and an SE-350-48 power supply powering the LEDs. I tried to go with some cyan and red in the past, but couldn't ever get it to look like I wanted. We'll see if I can get it to look the way I want with these. I should definitely have the blue and violet taken care of.
  13. Which section is going to be all macro algae to act as a refugium?
  14. I'm really interested to see where you go with this setup. It's a very cool design.
  15. Guess what I'm getting ready to upgrade.