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  1. I have a 50lb box of varies size Dry Reef Rocks for sale. Whole box $100, I'll throw in a 20lb bag of Sea Sand. 626 Alhambra / SGV area. I will deliver 10miles. Or you can pick them up. (626) 607 - 9441 Won't ship (for now)
  2. WTB: Fruit Loops and LA Laker zoas

    Dude now those are legit fruit loops! I'm jealous. Let me know if you ever decide to ship some out. I'll buy!
  3. WTB: Fruit Loops and LA Laker zoas

    I recently picked up some fruit loops off a local reefer and honestly, they are not worth the money. I paid $15pp for 3 polyps and they are literally micro size. Tiny tiny tiny, too tiny for what people charge for them. I seriously left his place with me saying to myself, "wtf did I just pay $45 for? A speck of colored dust?" here are a few pics. Only 2 have barely opened and they are still babies but from what I saw from his colony and heard from other people they don't get much bigger. unless you have a fancy camera and plan to zoom in the hell with it and take pretty pictures, go for it. Otherwise get something else, not worth it. btw those pics were taken with an iphone
  4. I just received shipping confirmation via email from Tim earlier today for my plug frag ranks, so don't worry guys! He's still around, just probably really busy. :]
  5. bump! $240 local pickup. or 250$ shipped anywhere in the U.S.
  6. Radions

    I would post pictures of the Radions with your name attached to a piece of paper. So that it gives people a little peace of mind who are interested in buying.
  7. Sale everything must go

    Seems that you were super excited about this build, what happened man? Found a better upgrade hopefully? Well if you do decide to part-out, I'm interested in the ac110 inTank media basket. Let me know :]
  8. Your inbox is full. I'm interested in the aquafuge2. Could you post a pic of it. Thanks!
  9. FS: 20" Nova Extreme Pro 6-bulb t5ho

    Seems legit....
  10. FS lots of stuff (updated and $ lowered 6/2)

    Bottom line, your thread is deceiving. Have the mods close it and try again. Good luck with you Craig!
  11. I believe VGT was trying to sell some paintball stuff a few days ago. Here is the thread: Paintball Gear
  12. FS lots of stuff (updated and $ lowered 6/2)

    That's fine Peanut. He could of gave me a heads up a little earlier out of respect, just sayin' It's hard enough to be in this hobby when you have a family. And when someone decides to 'waste your time', I'm sure it would pissed you off too. anyway, this thread is getting out of hand. My apologizes paranoidswammi!
  13. FS: Alot of corals

    those Valentine Massacres look sweet.