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  1. IMG 3903

    chunk of chalice

    © Damon Johnson.

  2. Need ID on hitchiker!

    ya I'd kill that if I where you.
  3. Mixed pack, Santa Cruz Ca. will ship.

    I thought that rule was to stop people from selling mass amounts and doing the garage busies with out paying their dues more than about selling things in a pack. I see plenty of people selling things all together as one large sale, but if you want to phrase it this way, I'll sell them at 20$ each. Not that shipping would really be worth it for that.
  4. I'm selling a very diverse mixed pack. Asking 150$+shipping or local pick up. Standard DOA rules apply. Meaning a pic of the dead coral in the shipping bag, sent with in 1hour of receiving the coral the first shipment attempt. The frags are Green pagoda cup (the smaller piece, mother colony for reference) Green Goniopora. This Goni extends to about 1.5in. It's been very happy and has been growing under t5s. I don't know a lot about Gonis, but I'm pretty confident this is the easier type, not the hard one. Blue/green Favia. Has some nice blue, and the green sparkles when you look close under actinic. Orange Psammocora. I don't know a lot about this guy. It's been quite happy in my tank and will eat brine shrimp if given time and the flow does not blow it away, so I think most people's tanks can handle this guy. Eagle eye zoas. 5 Heads Fire and Ice zoa. 10 heads Time machine shrooms. 2 Iron man shrooms. 1
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  6. IMG 2603

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  8. IMG 2599

  9. chaeto in san jose

    I have some cheato over in Santa Cruz. I also have coral for sale (make the dive over the hill more worth it if you do want to come over here)
  10. Quick please--firefish need 2?

    I've had bad experience with 2 in a smaller tank. I was under the impression that you ether needed a bonded pair to do two in a smaller tank.
  11. it's a coralife. I don't see why they charge like 800$ new for something like this, but I guess that would be because I don't like MH much and PC are just a joke IMHO. I think it's 36in, but I'm not 100% sure and I have no idea on the age of the bulbs. I'll reconsider shipping if some on is interested at 150+ shipping. I know that's a bit of a price jump, but I'd really rather not ship it. I'd rather just see it gone and some one stoked on a good deal.
  12. ok the time has come to start selling off my stuff. I'm going to do this step by step and right now I'm going to be letting local people get the first pick. So hit me up if you're in the Bay Area (CA) and want to come check it out. I'm going to give people a chance to come by and get stuff in person before I start posting pics and shipping. coral list Zoas/Palys AOG 10 Per head Red hornet 7 per head King midas 6 per head Mind blowing paly 15 per head Cherry charms 15 per head Rastas 15 per head Sunny D's 10 per head Pink Zippers 10 per head Chong bongs 15 per head Green bay packers 10 per head Lemon lime 10 for frag Everlasting gobstoppers 10 per head Red people eaters 5-10 per frag Pink elephant 15 per head Captain Americas 10 per head AOI's 8 per head Purple death paly 10 per head Lunar ecclips 10 per head Hot pinks 10 per head Other stuff Super man monti Yellow damicornis chalice (golden eye, red, blue, Hollywood stunner) Pagoda cup Acans (some really high end stuff, must see in person to believe) Dunkin Bright green Nephthea Favi Goni Psammocora Torch Prices very depending on what coral you are getting and how much over all stuff you are buying. PM me for more information.
  13. FS 8 Polyps of Sunny D

    man, sunny Ds have to be the cheapest really nice zoa I can think of right now. I don't understand why everyone would not want some. GLWS
  14. you got to be kidding me. I just looked up the light and I can't believe how much this thing is new. Maybe I'll ship for a little higher price if no one comes by and swoops this thing up soon.