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  1. do i Need to have chaeto?

    yeah i agree with lawnman .
  2. Lighting 15" cube

    in my opinion ,purple is good .you really decide to paint it black ? the brighter color make people more vitality. the black is too dark .
  3. Lighting Requirements for Clams

    i have bought a led light several days ago .and it was just been used for a short time .now it was out of work .what should i do ?
  4. Ultimate LED guide

    thank you for this .you do lots of work about this .help lots of people to know about led lights .and believe led lights will welcome a good market .
  5. LED group buy quick product question

    there is no big difference between them .just the big size led is brighter than the other ,and it will occupy more place .
  6. Anyone using a JBJ Nano Glo on an AC70?

    no ,i didn't try that .although it is expensive ,i think it is worth of trying .
  7. 3w led star needed

    you wil not wait too long .
  8. Starting out - enough light?

    the led light is so beautiful.
  9. ECO PICO Modification

    i am amazing too. what is it ???