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  1. Hi guys. Noob here

    Thankfully I won't be growing much corals so hopefully it's sufficient. I think four T5 bulbs should be ok.
  2. Hi guys. Noob here

    What have you heard about them if anything?
  3. Hi guys. Noob here

    Hawaii. The ambient temp in my room gets pretty warm.
  4. Hi guys. Noob here

    Hmmm I like it but I'm already worried about the temp level.
  5. Hi guys. Noob here

    I have some chemipure elite and purigen that I bought from seeing so much people talking about it on here. No heater needed. Would a little submersible led be enough light for cheato? I also don't think a skimmer will fit in this tank so I guess a skimmer and heater are out.
  6. Hi guys. Noob here

    Chaeto is illegal here but I think there are other macro algae types here that would work just like cheato. What is filter floss? Is it much different then filter sponge? Please take a look at the other picture I posted.
  7. Hi guys. Noob here

    Here's a pic. There could be 4 equal compartments but there's nothing between 3 and 4 to separate them. Also in my drawing the wall between 2 and 3 is higher than I drew it. It's actually a few inches lower. The charcoal, balls, and rings are all in mesh bags and were just jammed in the compartments. The compartments are 1,2,3 from left to right. Thanks for the replies guys.
  8. Hi guys. Noob here

    Wow no body has any insight on how I should set up my filter. Thanks guys
  9. All-In-One Full Tank Shot Thread

    Is that mangrove in the back there? whats that for?
  10. Hi guys. Noob here

    First off hello to everyone. Been browsing/lurking here for awhile. Learning TONS of new things. I sure you get these types of posts every few weeks but I really don't know what to do. I just got a 12gal Re-Sun DMS400. Its my first AIO and my first foray into marine aquariums. It doesn't seem like much people have Re-sun tanks because I have had a hard time finding anyone talking about them. My main question is what to do with the back. How should I set up my filtration system. It came with bioballs and ceramic rings but I see a lot of people recommend going away from those. Basically what kind of set up would you guys do with this tank. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks This is what the back compartment looks like looking at the tank from the back This is what the box shows. This is like looking through the front glass of the tank and into the back compartments. The 1 compartment in my drawing is the one with the blue filter sponge in this pic. I was planning on keeping the blue filter sponge in chamber one. I have no idea on how to set up the 2nd and 3rd. I have no need for a heater and this tank didn't come with a skimmer. I have been thinking about adding a skimmer in the 3rd chamber.