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  1. Gus's Updated Nano Cube

    Hey I live in brownsville too! I got my whole setup at reef valley. Just trying to stock my tank with corals now.
  2. Stand for Nuvo 24?

    yup. get it at petco. i just don't have the time to buy materials to make a stand myself, and I put the stand all together in about 15 minutes. Its sturdy and fits just right.
  3. Stand for Nuvo 24?

  4. Stand for Nuvo 24?

    I got a petco stand just like the post above. got it for 90 bucks.
  5. Pemphigus's 12'' Nano

    I usually come back home for lunch and see all my corals fully extended. my stupid leather toadstool hasn't released its polyps yet, but is getting bigger. i don't freaking get it. i moved it so many times, and maybe i shouldnt have done that, but i think this is his permanent home for now. finally I was able to catch my 2 yasha haze gobies out at the same time. one of them is paired with a pistol shrimp. i bought 2, but i haven't seen the other one, and i don't think hes hanging out with the other yasha haze. my tank continues to build up a brown algae film, and its really annoying. i thought about getting a snail, but i don't know if i want to get it. the helfrich firefish is still there..but just wasn't there for the shot.
  6. Pemphigus's 12'' Nano

    its not bad. i went there for a memorial day sale, and there was a 20% off livestock. I purchased a yasha haze gobe and a pistol shrimp and there wasn't a price on the tank. he came back and quoted me 89.99. thats a lot just for a fish and a shrimp. after thinking about it, the yasha coudn't have been more than 45, so how could a shrimp cost 45?? i really wanted them at the time, but I maybe should have waited looking back.
  7. Pemphigus's 12'' Nano

    alright, FTS SHOT. i need to clean the glass. full of pods and a thin film of brown algae. i run the lights pretty much for about 12 hours a day. managed to get my yasha haze goby out. Here is a better pic of my helfrich firefish. i really like this guy..he doesn't hide like my 2 yasha haze gobies do. here is the egg crate that i put on temporarily to prevent the firefish from getting out. here is my modded ac70 thanks to el fab. ive been looking around forever for an apex lite. do they ever go on sale?
  8. Pemphigus's 12'' Nano

    courtesy of my iphone 4s here's a pic of the helfrich firefish. I think its the nicest fish I've ever gotten. and..heres a pic of my green birdsnest.
  9. Pemphigus's 12'' Nano

    moved some things around. still can't get the leather coral to open up. i sit there for a while and see some yellow bumps on its surface, but it still wants to stay inside. its gotta open up sooner or later. today, i bought a Helfrich Firefish, and another yasha haze+pistol shrimp pair. the helfrich is really pretty and is pretty much the only fish i see in the tank. the stupid yasha went to the back of the tank and into the rocks. as for the pistol, i have no idea where he is. sux. pics to come later.
  10. Pemphigus's 12'' Nano

    found this nudibranch in my tank today and quickly scooped him up and escorted him to the toilet.
  11. wtf is this?

    what the heck is this thing?
  12. Pemphigus's 12'' Nano

    so far everything is still going great. i plan on getting an apex lite so I can control everything.. right now i manually top off and do a water change with a plastic cup. i went ahead and bought a big box of esv salt, but currently using kent marine and that seems to be working really well. i kinda wish i held off on getting the b-ionic because the water changes are good enough. today i went to manhattan aquariums and picked up a yasha haze goby and a tiger shrimp which are both symbiotic towards each other and i got a cool rainbow colored acan. they are acclimating now, but ill take pics later on. my leather coral hasn't opened up yet. not sure why. i did do a lugol's dip because I had a zoa eating spider in there. hopefully it will open up soon.
  13. Pemphigus's 12'' Nano

    yea tested it..everything within normal. i just cut that piece off.
  14. Pemphigus's 12'' Nano

    yea, its my first time using it. i think it looks pretty cool. I wanted to throw the pic out below and ask for some advice. I got this birdsnest on friday, and I don't recall one of its branches looking like this. What do you guys think is going on?
  15. Pemphigus's 12'' Nano

    Alright, I've been meaning to do this for a while, but school is such a #####(thank god I have 1 more year left) and setting this up has been taking most of my free time. Honestly, I can stare at this forever. Anyways, I thought I would have more pics than these, but I guess I skipped the whole documenting along the way. Background: 2010: started back in 2010 with a 10 gallon tank..had some live rock, clownfish, cleaner shrimp, galexea, and some xenia. bought all of it at an lfs, and yeah it was cool but i didn't really have any idea what I was doing. 2011: A year later, I started to have a better idea of what I wanted..and by better I mean bigger. I upgraded to a 75 gallon tank,sump, aqua illumination sol leds, 2 mp40s..in theory it was great. I thought I would have an incredible reef tank that I stare at here on these forums. Well, after reading el fabuloso's, pj86, and newman's thread, BIGGER ISN'T BETTER. I managed to sell everything thinking I'd walk away from this until I graduated, keeping only my refractometer. 2012: I went back to my local lfs store in ny, and bought a 12'' cube when I wasn't planning on buying anything at all. Bought some live rock because from past experience, buying brs dry rock and waiting for it to cure in the tank is just a deathwish for phosphates and hair algae. I know that this hobby is expensive, so I just went ahead and bought cured live rock from the lfs. Here is my setup: Equipment: -1 modded ac70, just the refugium part, didn't do anything to the propeller. -1 manual cheap and accurate glass thermometer -1 50w hydor -1 finnex mighty ray 21 for lighting the fuge on my ac70 -1 ledtric trupop par38 led with reef fixture -1 rio 50 -1 nimble nano -1 brs ro/di unit 75gpd 5 stage -1 refractometer that i use all the damn time -1 api test kit -1 mj1200 for mixing my salt -currently using kent marine salt but going to switch to esv - 4 dollar black sand that was supposed to be used for freshwater..but i guess it works. didn't want to pay for a huge box of live sand that I wasn't going to use anyways. Additives: -kent marine coravit, microvert -special blend Livestock: -2 sexy shrimp -2 hermit crabs -1 porcelain crab Corals: -1 leather toadstool -2 rocks with zooanthids -1 aussie green leather -1 sympodium -1 green goniopora -1 indo hammer -1 double headed torch -1 small greens birdsnest Here is what I started with: Here we are now: