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  1. what does your crazy clown host, or host's...lol

    When I got my setup that was preowned, the clown it came with hosted two sides of the tank, the left side and the front of it, it was so strange. Not sure what she's hosting at her new home though (gave her to people who had the tank for her as she decided she wouldn't even allow shrimp in the tank). My black pair are debating at the moment, they started with the substrate and found it not to their liking, the water level at the top, again not to their liking. They're now deciding to host either the live rock or the coral I have in there, the male likes the coral and the female much rather the really flat piece of live rock. Not sure what they'll decide on but it's funny watching them try and decide their space in my tank. I'll be happy if it's anywhere but the sides of the tank again!
  2. Show Off Your Wrasse

    My lovely boy, need to get my hands on a camera with better settings adjustment, this shows most of his colours nicely though.
  3. White lump on clownfish

    I've checked today and it looks like this is happening on the other side, she's eating as normal but shes not pooing at all even when I didn't feed her for a day so I'm a bit concerned about this.
  4. I was watching my clownfish Molly today and noticed that she has a pimple like lump on her side, I've tried my best to get pictures I hope they're okay for this. I've search online and looks like nothing I've seen as common diseases and parasites. Its been there since monday as far as I know, which happened to be the day I returned a piece of coral back to the store I got it from. Mainly she's as active as normal though today she seems a bit more withdrawn in herself within this last hour but she did eat a fair amount of food when I fed them today.
  5. Something odd in my tank

    Yep it's the first coral I've put into the tank, they only appeared after I got it and put it in the tank, most of them seem to be hiding in the rock it came on it'self, so far I've seen no eggs and the corals been in the tank a total of two days.
  6. Something odd in my tank

    I thought as much , I have 2-3 on the coral that I have been able to see every time I sit and check and I found that guy on the glass, what do the eggs look like?
  7. Something odd in my tank

    I'm thinking they're seaslugs, I really hope not seeing I've heard they're not reef safe Managed to find my camera and on it they're more yellow than pink, not sure why.
  8. Something odd in my tank

    Nope, they're much paler than that and the spikes are along their 'backs' as well, they look like slugs to me more than anything.
  9. Something odd in my tank

    I got a coral recently, a zoa of some kind, in my tank and since then I've noticed these odd looking creatures in my tank. Size wise they're 2-7mm in size and a very pale pink colour with spike like appendages all over their bodies, I have no idea what they are and if they're reef safe and if not how I can get rid of them. I can't get a photo right now as I don't have a camera at the moment, but they don't look like pod's to me.
  10. Multiple Damsel fish in one tank?

    I've found a place that'll take the two damsels finally and thankfully. Any recommendations for other fish?
  11. Multiple Damsel fish in one tank?

    Sorry this is a late reply. Quick update on this, the yellow tail blue is the least aggressive of them all, the other two are bullying it into the corner (the three stripe mainly) and on closer inspection it's caudal fin is half missing, I fear the three-stripe will bully it to death. I went to a local place and the moment I mentioned damsel they refused due to aggression, I've e-mailed a couple other places and put a sale advert up. Is there anything I can do if all the shops refuse to take them?
  12. I feel like I'm asking very stupid questions here and I apologize if they seem obvious but I did google search before hand to find an answer and I can't find any so far. I got my 20 gal tank from another owner and she mentioned the live rock has been established for about 3 years or so (I think there's about 5-10kg in there maybe more) there however is no sandbed in the tank, reading up it seems to be better for the filtration of the tank to have a sandbed in there but I'm not sure if I can add it without crashing the tank/ how I should go about it?
  13. Multiple Damsel fish in one tank?

    Thank you for the quick response, I'll find them a new home ASAP. I have no idea how long the previous owner had them in the same tank but I don't want any of them to end up harmed. Would royal gramma's and firefish be fine in place?
  14. I recently acquired a 20 gallon marine tank which came with live rock and fish. It contains -1 false percula clownfish -1 three stripe damsel fish -1 yellow tailed blue damsel -1 cleaner shrimp -1 Hermit crab of some kind. Looking over the forums I've seen it's stated different damsel fish shouldn't be kept together and I've noticed the three stripe is rather aggressive to both the blue damsel and the clownfish. I was thinking it'd be best to possible rehome the two damsels but I'm not sure if I'm just worrying too much about this.