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  1. ive looked ay aquabid but not theplantedtank, didnt know about that site
  2. looking to just keep them for now. interested in them. but cant seem to find anyone who has the real ones.
  3. yea i need to find someone who has them, not a easy job lol
  4. im looking for the freshwater fish called garra rufa. i cant seem to find any US sellers. i have found a person who sells them but they do no know how to ship. this person lives in Novi, Michigan, United States. so if anyone lives there and can pick me some up and ship them to me i would greatly appreciate it. i will pay all costs via paypal just let me know. or if there is anyone breeding them on here could you sell me some? if you have some please let me know price per fish and shipping costs. thanks everyone for any help.
  5. i have a UV sterilizer. was just wondering if there was a chemical i could add or something that would "sterilize" the fish also. anything harmful to the fish or humans ive been reading up on garra rufa spas. they say sometimes the fish can carry bacteria thats harmful. so figured maybe there was a way to sterilize and kill everything but the fish.
  6. Is There A Type Of Chlorine That Is Safe For Freshwater Fish? i am looking for a chemical or something i can add to the water that will kill any and all bacteria but will not harm the fish at all. ive seen videos on youtube of fish living in swimming pools with chlorine in them. but not sure if they will only last a short time. (no i dont want fish in my pool) just wondering if there is something i can add to freshwater tanks that is fish safe and human safe.
  7. xXxSpyderxXx

    xXxSpyderxXx's Aqueon Evolve 4

    any ideas for what you will be adding to the tank?
  8. xXxSpyderxXx

    xXxSpyderxXx's Aqueon Evolve 4

    so far the lights seem to be doing great. i have seen no problems at all with the lights. but i only have dragons breath and zoas in there. if you decide to experiment with them let me know please.
  9. xXxSpyderxXx

    xXxSpyderxXx's Aqueon Evolve 4

    he is super small only around a inch long. deff a great for the sized tank he is in.