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  1. Well you guys were right, my sand star died

    Thanks, yeah I know I've got lots of reading and learning to do. Funny thing is that on my yorkie forum, the first thing we tell people who are new to yorkies is to do tons of research, bc that breed is not for everyone. Should have taken my own advice before jumping into reefing. And what sucks is that all the critters I really like are too hard for my level right now. Once my levels get back to normal I'm just gonna try to see if I can keep a CUC alive. BTW one of my yorkie's favorite toys is a Patrick Star plushie LOL. Makes a lot of sense. Never really thought about that. I try to keep my water at 1.025. What do you all think about LFS's buying fish from illegally caught methods? How often do you think this happens? Could that be the reason this fish shop sells so much cheaper than everywhere else nearby? And among other things maybe why all my livestock died?
  2. Well you guys were right, my sand star died

    thanks for the advice! I found out the LFS that I got all my initial stuff has their water at a lower salinity than what's recommended, and that I shouldn't put in any of the fish shop water in my setup. Is that correct?
  3. Well you guys were right, my sand star died

    Thanks guys. We have some of those people on my yorkie forum too, and we've dubbed them the "Polite Police"...women who think everyone should be nice and not ever disagree, even when a dog's life or wellness is at stake. Once I get used to this crowd I think I will like it here. Esp since the admin seems to be a lot more lax on the language here. Well off to read and educate myself!
  4. Well you guys were right, my sand star died

    Thanks, I accept your apology. Tang police and mandarine brigade?
  5. Well you guys were right, my sand star died

    Thank you very much Ray
  6. Well you guys were right, my sand star died

    Yeah I came to that assumption already. I had bad luck with my emerald crab, shrimp, snails and hermits. And I have to LMAO to the "good natured flirting" remark. Gone are the days of giving compliments to flirt? Again, thanks for your advice. I have lots of learning to do before I try again.
  7. Well you guys were right, my sand star died

    Oh, eww. And highly disrespectful IMO. Anyway, my first thread that I linked I got good advice and no one was bashing the bf. I do frequent a few male dominated forums and they are most supportive of females interested in their hobby. Here not so much huh? So what would be one of the few species good in my 28g? and if you didn't read my first thread, I don't think I can trust my LFS owner. I don't think I've found my "place" yet. I hate it when people preface a statement with "not to be a dick" then go right ahead and be a dick. Own up to you being a dick. I never said anything about sharks or nemos. So it's like a red flag, like a noob saying they want a teacup on my yorkie forums? and I didn't report anyone. Oh and thank you for your informative and civilized response, I appreciate it.
  8. Well you guys were right, my sand star died

    Actually, it was HIS tank and I took over, so essentially you guys are calling me a tool. Nice way to welcome a noob. Seriously, your need to post an insult instead of advice shows what type of person you are 21093
  9. His arms started shriveling up and curling around. At first it was just one, then within a few days all but one were like that, turned bottom up. He did not bury himself in the sandbed like I read he would after starving to death. He did not bury himself in the sand much at all in fact. Only did it a few times when I first got him. I am sad, as now all of the CUC that I got in early march have all died. My first thread, the demise of my CUC I plan on doing a water change, waiting another month before I put anything else in, however my tank does have quite a lot of algae on the live rock and glass. Should I do anything about that with the water change? The only other things in my tank that seem to be alive are pineapple sponges. Also when the water is ready, would am urchin be a good idea for my 28g? Or the bf wants to get an octopus and have nothing else. Thoughts? TIA
  10. Are these baby feather dusters?

    Stony corals?
  11. Are these baby feather dusters?

    Thanks for letting me know about the RO/DI water. Do I need to get a tester for the calcium levels now too?
  12. Are these baby feather dusters?

    Ah! I just googled pineapple sponge, and now I know why Spongebob lives in a PINEAPPLE under the sea! Never made sense to me before LOL!
  13. Are these baby feather dusters?

    Thread on what happened to my CUC Please see the linked thread on what happened. Basically, I think it was salinity shock that killed them. Any comments on why the left side of my live rock is turning so white? Thanks. Oh forgot to say, the tank was cycling for about 1 1/2 months before I put in the CUC. All levels tested fine before I put them in. I bought my water from the LFS. Top off water I used bottle water, is that ok?
  14. I found about 7 or 8 of them. They are very small about 5mm high, very white, do not retract when I touched it with a stick. My tank is only about 2 months along. Nothing in the tank but a sand sifting star. All other CUC I put in there a few weeks ago all perished. Also the left side of the rocks is all very white and purple (2nd pic), what's going on with that? The right side is beginning to be covered with brownish algae. The right side is facing towards the sunlight from the window across the room. What critter should I get to clean the algae? The last pic is the right side, facing toward the sunlight.
  15. Emerald crab died withing minutes of putting him in

    Alright, sorry for the late reply, unfortunately we've have three more fatalities, the shrimp and the two snails. The star seems to be doing fine. Salinity is at 1.024, ph is back to 8.2, ammonia still 0, as is nitrite, and nitrate is at 5. Talked to another LFS, and the guy said he's personally had a sand star in a 5 g before and did fine. He also showed me what they kept their water at (tested several tanks) and their water was at 1.025 and that many shops keep their water at a much lower level to save money. He said most likely my critters met their demise from salinity shock (what you guys said), and even though Shrimpy and the snails looked fine, they just died a slower death =/.