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  1. DIY Media Basket for the JBJ 28g DX

    this is a quick update haven't been on forever hence the post count. this is what it looks like. and seemed to do the job. one quick mod i need to do is still drill the side supports to allow more flow still
  2. Andy's jbj 28 nano cube

    diy led looks good man what is it? and the 10 month shot looks great, are you getting good growth from those leds?
  3. 28g JBJ HQI Club....

    well i'm not really new, but i'm a youngster in the hobby. i've had my jbj since january last year, and started in feb of this year. so recently (last week) i delt with just about everything dying in my jbj. only to find out it was nothing i did, but my wife bombing my apartment. so because she doesn't share my love for the hobby, she doesn't know the do's n' don'ts of the hobby. and that was the reasoning of my jbj's death. so i've done some mod's to the tank. i went and took the stock media basket out, because i noticed water flowing out of the top of it and not through it. and i've seen everyone convert to the inmediabasket.com's media basket. just couldn't imagine paying that money. so i made my own with some light diffusion plastic, basically egg crate, and acrylic. and made a shelf. so i hang my chemipure for the egg crate, and filter floss on top of that, because i had 35 lbs of live rock in the tank that was my main source of bio filtration. this made water flow all around the media bag, and filter floss, after about a week notice a slight design flaw, the acrylic restricted the flow of water causing detrius build up. so i took it out and cut about 4 by 1/4th" slits on each pieces of acrylic sheet i used to support the egg crate to allow more flow, i've also added mj1100 (295 gph) utilty pumps replacing the stock accel pumps. lifted the hood due to heating issues. which has kinda worked. next step is an azoo fan for the back. i had a biocube skimmer which i modded, by getting a medium gravel vacuum tube. elongating it to about 10" which allows for more water to bubble contact time. which allows for more organics to get pulled out. thats about it for mods so far. my next step is a diy led build in which i'm also going to attach the hood to a automatic pully system where i can lift the hood up and down with out hinges. should be interesting, and will post picks of the build.
  4. JBJ 28 rear filter pads

    How much did that cost, and is it effective at keeping micro bubble from getting to the return pumps?
  5. First off, do you have both pumps running at the same time?. I did the same thing with my mj utility 295gph pumps in my nanocube 28 gal. And just got a tunze powerhead in the main display. And turned the alternating controller the tank came with to 20 sec. Now it doesn't over flow, and my temp isn't at cooking fish temp anymore.
  6. DIY Media Basket for the JBJ 28g DX

    Well I'm in the process of making my own media basket. Except its not really a basket. It's more of a shelf to allow my rowPhos And chemipure elite to hang from, and my sponge filter to rest on top of it. I didn't like the stock media basket because it seemed to make the water over flow. And I would see tons of detrius in the rear sump. It's hard to explain. But think of how the stones are placed in stone hedge. My media basket will be like that except the support will be acrylic with holes drilled into the bottom of the support to allow max flow through rear sump. The top will be egg crate to also allow max flow. But that's where I'll hang my media bag, and on top of the egg crate is where ill place my sponge filter. I don't really see the point in a 3 stage filter for a reef tank. Since biological filter is the rock. Hope it helps for an idea.