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  1. Yeah I should probably do an update this weekend or something! Not having a dslr on hand makes taking pics less exciting. Honestly, when I first ordered the Hang on Back sump, I was nervous about the price.... but I can tell you its quite possibly the best purchase I have made yet.
  2. Par values would be sweet!
  3. Dave, how has the light at these percentages been working? I have the stock quad, but am dealing with browning of SPS. Hard to tell if nutrient based or light based. woukd you reccomend turning the lights up or turning them down?
  4. Yeahhh phosphate is weird in that most test kits suck. Unless you are measuring with a Hanna Checker (best - salifert prob 2nd best) I wouldn't really trust your results... 25ppm would be REALLY high, and you would notice huge algae outbreaks/dirtier glass than normal. If you arn't seeing crazy diatom blooms I wouldn't worry tbh. Could be a lot of things...Pukani leaching is a possibility. Water change couldn't hurt, feed less (or, make sure food is getting eating and not landing on the sand bed), and a vaacum (gravel vac) the sandbed slowly.
  5. Looks amazing...what are the mini RODI looking jugs in the center? Also, what are your plans for backup in case you lose power?
  6. Someone likes Acans!
  7. Decided to go with manual dosing of BRS 2 part for the time being...I was planning on dosing both before I leave for work each morning... is this ok? Should I do calc or alk first? I was thinking waiting 5 minutes between each dose... I could do alk in the AM and Calc in the PM, but my PM schedule would fluctuate a lot more than the AM
  8. I can't think of any Pros to do that other than it may appeal to your personal preferences with scape... I can think of a lot of Cons though.
  9. Not sure if you posted this in the earlier pages, how did you attach the shelves on the inside of the doors? Clever idea, I want to do that to my stand to open up some space!
  10. I was doing a very minimal dose of Vibrant weekly and it worked flawlessly at keeping my sand bed clean. I was typically a heavy feeder (ULNS system) and would see diatom outbreaks on my sand the day after a big feeding that would take a couple days to clear up. Now my glass stays relatively clear (went from scraping every 2-3 days to once a week) and havn't seen a brown spot on my sand bed in a month. As with anything in this hobby, everyones results will be different, some will be faster, some will be slower, some no change at all... take it for what you will, but Vibrant has created less work for me (although the work was minimal to most), so I rate it a success.
  11. Potentially first MACNA as well, had some questions about livestock... Let's say I bought a coral on Friday, would most vendors hold it until I left Sunday? Any potential advice for handling corals with a 6 hour drive?
  12. I would love this, but sometimes my ATO can trigger 3 times in 45 minutes, or maybe once every hour and a half... If I had a minimal enough dose of Kalk in the ATO, would this be ok?
  13. I thought this as well, but once I factored in all the variables and realized my ATO top off is sporadic in how often it tops off, I worry about a risk of running to much to little each day. With 2 part, what happens if I am a couple hours late on a dose? Or miss a dose? No biggie?
  14. Title says it all.. I'd like to begin either 2 part doing (manually) or Kalkwasser in the ATO. I've calculated that I lose about .2 dkH of Alk a day (hanna checker) Here are my general concerns/comments with both. Kalk In general, I feel like the amount my ATO tops off is very sporadic throughout the day, I couldn't tell you how much it tops off a day because every day is different with a lot of variables (was it colder/hotter inside and outside, was no one home all day, was one of us home all day, etc...) A 5 gallon just last me about 2 weeks give or take. I use a normal 5gal water jug for ATO, will I have a lot of precipitation? I have a Smart Micro ATO - will kalkwasser potentially harm the life span of the pump? I know I would need to start real small dose and see how it work. Will water changes mess with the amount of kalk I need? Sometimes I do a 30% water change every week, sometimes I only do 20% every 2 weeks... 2-Part I would prefer manual dosing, as I dont quite have the space for pumps yet. If I ever automate to an Apex I will figure out dosing pumps. To me, I dont mind doing a dose on my way out the door to work each morning. On the weekends though, if I am late on a dose or miss a dose, would it be a big deal? Which would you recommend? Thanks!
  15. Thanks Dave! Loving the light so far. Its the POB Sump/Refugium from Oceanbox ( https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/nano-revolution-nr12-pob-sump/). Currently houses my Aquamaxx Skimmer, 2 heaters, and floss