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  1. display macroalgae for sale

    KeyDiver, Can you pls let me know what you have left. Interested in putting in order of multiple macros. Thanks. Pm is key.
  2. display macroalgae for sale

    pm'd back.... Thanks.
  3. Macro-Food

    Thanks....i think i will stick to weekly water changes and not dose anything. my red macros are slow growing but happy. i have them in a reef environment so i think the water parameters should be ok for them.
  4. display macroalgae for sale

    Sent you a PM. Thanks.
  5. display macroalgae for sale

    pm'd...you forgot to attached the pics.
  6. display macroalgae for sale

    PM'd you.
  7. Macro-Food

    Gotcha...Thanks. I am currently doing weekly water changes and I guess I should pratice a little patience. I guess I am expecting these types of macros to grow similar to chaeto which is apparently is not the case.
  8. Macro-Food

    Thanks....sorry but what is WCs?
  9. Macro-Food

    Thank you for your responses. What about Magnesium supplement? Do i need this to keep the macros from fading?
  10. Macro-Food

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone uses this product called "Macro-Food" that is selling on Ebay. I would put a link on here but don't know how. I just wanted to know if this product work? I am new to keeping Macro Algae and although my macros (mostly red macros) are not dying just not growing as fast as I would like. I am thinking of using this product but wanted to get an second opinion from someone has had used this product. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  11. F/S: Red, Purple & Green Carpet..Haddoni

    Can you provide some pics of these 3 carpets pls. Interested in the green and purple.
  12. display macroalgae for sale

    Hi, You forgot to provide me with your paypal info. for payment. Thanks.
  13. display macroalgae for sale

    You got pm'd. Thanks.