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  1. 10 gallon with no powerhead?

    Thanks for the help. Probably will try that out
  2. 10 gallon with no powerhead?

    How did you place it
  3. Pistol shrimp and goby

    Hi nano reef. I just got a candy cane pistol shrimp for my yellow watchmen goby and they paired up after a night. One thing I notice is they hosted a spot in the back of the 10 gallon and I never ever get to see them until feeding. Am I just unlucky or will they move up over time
  4. Clownfish ich help!

    Hey guys. I just noticed that my clownfish has ich all over his body and I was wondering if there is any way to treat it without a qt tank because I don't have one. I can't treat in tank I believe because of my corals. Please help guys, thanks
  5. Ecoxotic par38 and boosted LED reef clamp

  6. Is this enough light for a clam

    Lights broke and changed to ecoxotic par38 4 inch away from a 10 gallon tank. Is this enough for a crocea clam? Really want one but need some opinion
  7. Hey guys. I got a Ecoxotic par 38 LED that is less than 1 month old for sale and a boosted LED reef clamp Par38 - 100 <--- have receipt. bought in april Boosted LED reef clamp - 30
  8. Is this enough light for a clam

    There are lens on it
  9. Is this enough light for a clam

    Yea 1 watt each led so 20. I was thinking since its a 10 gallon. No way its as deep as a 30 gallon so I'm wondering will it work
  10. Is this enough light for a clam

    Hey guys. My tank been set up for over 7 months and everything is fine. I wa wondering if my 20 1watt led in a small 10 gallon tank is enough for a crocea clam
  11. How much will it cost to setup a nano reef

    I did it with 400 but I am sure you will be addicted to buying corals and go way over
  12. What coral is this?

    Hey guys, I was wondering what coral is this. Got it from my friend
  13. any chaeto in bay area?

    Theres two post on craigslist in the san francisco section with chaeto
  14. Can anyone tell if this is true or false clownfish

    No I forgot to type true or false percular haha