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  1. Manta Ray 12 Pico

    Thanks! I guess it does look somewhat bigger in the photos. The dimensions are 12"x12"x9" if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Manta Ray 12 Pico

    So the itch finally got to me...it's been some time since my first saltwater tank and after having to take it down nearly two years ago, I had to dive back in. I decided to keep it small and elegant so I ordered a Manta Ray 12 from Pico Aquariums. I love the clean look of an AIO and Chris' new sump design made the decision even easier. The tank is very well made and I couldn't be happier with the tank I chose. The rock I chose is reef saver dry rock from BRS. I decided to go with dry rock to give better aquascaping options and to avoid any pests since I had some vermetid snails in my last tank. The rock is great! It fits together seamlessly...almost like legos and looks very natural without having to use any glue. If you plan on using dry rock you cant go wrong ordering this. I do recommend ordering some rubble to help the pieces blend together a little better giving it a more natural look. Dry FTS Specs: Tank-Manta Ray 12: 5.5 gallons Lighting-Boost LED Par 30: 4RB, 1CW, 60* optics Light Fixture-Ikea: $8.99 makes a great fixture for E26 LED bulbs Dry aquascape, no sand Wet tank, with sand Full view I have some items on order from Marine Depot including test kits, a heater (Jager 50w), Purigen, and ReVive for when I get corals. Not so sure about livestock just yet...not very interested in fish right now. I am leaning towards a nice 12 pack of ricordeas for $99 but not sure yet. I've still got a few weeks anyways to make those decisions as the tank cycles. I leave you with... Thanks for reading!