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  1. The Rivendell 175G let's the journey begin...

    R.I.P Naoko wrasse why my wrasse always fragile like an anthias,in other hand anthias so strong like a blue tang.
  2. Gramophone

    Stunning and I also have superstition that every tank with mystery wrasse is always a wonderful one lol .
  3. The Rivendell 175G let's the journey begin...

    Thanks man. welcome to my humble home^_^
  4. The Rivendell 175G let's the journey begin...

    I ever had it once in my previous tank but with massive feeding both coral and fish at that time, thrived more that a year until the tank is collapsed, as I read normally not more than a year before polyp gone away,all tips will lost tissue and algae will cover them. So for this tank almost a month now with very strong current area , every two days sponge power and once a week reef nutrition Phyto feast, it still look pretty fine,I think I can handle it.
  5. The Rivendell 175G let's the journey begin...

    Just changed from RC to zeovit salt after adding SPS into the tank, quit a good salt as I observed. After massive rock scape changed, all coral very stress because I didn't move any coral out of the tank while rearranged, just 20% water change all coral come back to normal stage include SPS polyp normal extended which I never experienced this from tropic marine, O2 and RC. So I do water change every 2 weeks 20% and not adding anything except running zeolite, zeobac and zeostart which I'm a rookie for this system also but at the present, this system doing a great job for my tank. Selected this system cos I'm a fish lover and feeding fish all the time which totally opposite to SPS low nutrient requirement, hope this system will help me to match my habit while I still can maintain water quality.
  6. The Rivendell 175G let's the journey begin...

    Actually 5 min a day which is not much for nice and clear glass. I use eco lamp blue LED during the day from 9am to 10 pm and open full light 8x54watts T5HO from 6pm to 9pm when i'm back from work. So just 3-4 hours per day with full light Have you seen my previous one yet, hope this one can achieve at the same level. lol
  7. The Rivendell 175G let's the journey begin...

    Thanks hope you like it. That's what i do at least 3 hours per day, the tank is sucking my soul lol
  8. The Rivendell 175G let's the journey begin...

    Yes it is, still not fully extend. I got this one with a great condition which is very hard to find one in my country LFS . About 8" tall and 8" wide. Thanks man but still way to go, running zeovit system for a week now, cross finger that this system will adequate with my tank.
  9. The Rivendell 175G let's the journey begin...

    Took a week to make it work out
  10. red cigar wrasse

    i already read this article also but now i keep it with hermit crap and fairy wrasse in the sump, still doing fine but really want someone who ever have this one to confirm, cos his color is stunning so it's hard for me to trade him out without strong confirmation.
  11. red cigar wrasse

    Any know about this fish? I can not find any exact information about it, some people said not reef save some people said it does.I just want to know that this fish is reef safe or not? Now I keep it in the sump if it reef save i'll move it to the display tank.
  12. Asureef

    truly stunning man!
  13. The Rivendell 175G let's the journey begin...

    Some update Sitting in this corner , nothing in this world does matter FTS with full light 8x54watts T5HO My favorite area in this tank Unbelievable that all of photos are from only single mobile phone Samsung GS4 , including this close up shot !!! I do believe that when the tank already mature is when i put a star fish in the tank and he looks fine. The queen of the tank My beloved platinum black tail