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  1. Spotted Mandarin Goby - Refugium

    I just got a trained mandarin in my 14g biocube and I agree they are messy eaters. I want to train mine to eat new spectrum pellets. Alto how do you culture copepods?
  2. Wtb Whale

    Yo I gots a whale and I'll sell it, but its going to cost you tree fiddy.
  3. Actually Actinic is more important for most corals, It peaks at 450nm which is the light that filters through aprox 30 ft of water. edit, I would trust Kool-Cat.
  4. Phishin's Phantastic Phourteen!

    Just caught a hermit crab spawning! Also saw ricky and julian doing their thing:
  5. Phishin's Phantastic Phourteen!

    This is how my build thread feels...
  6. Phishin's Phantastic Phourteen!

    Well after getting cable back after a long hiatus, I have discovered the show TANKED. Damn makes me feel bad about my lil nano... So I am looking for a unique torch or hammer coral for my centerpiece. I found a nice frag on Salty Underground. Does anyone have experience with them?
  7. Phishin's Phantastic Phourteen!

    Hey teflon, Thanks for responding.... It was getting lonely here. Thats good to know about the skunk cleaner, glad mine is not too odd. It honestly will take down half a cube of mysis, brine and spirulina cubes and still be hungry enough to steal food from my acans. First good observation about my pistol/goby pair. The LR to size of the shrimp ratio is really off(bottom piece of LR on the bottom left pillar i FTS), so I often never see it. The rock is huge compared to the shrimp, and it's tunneling is so extensive that it occupies all of its time. The goby attempts to guard the many entrances, but certainly cannot maintain contact with the shrimp at all times. They truly do work together is such harmony in this symbiosis that it really is something to behold firsthand.
  8. Is this worth upgrading my light?

    I would get 2 Kessil LEDs instead
  9. Skunk Shrimp and Pistol Shrimp

    lol very true, I go for chemicals and leave with livestock. I think we need to start a support group thread.
  10. New to SW, my first 12g Nano, Lighting?

    Hey just a heads up, mandarins are technically not gobies (even though commonly referred to as such) they are dragonets. Does you mandarin eat what you feed him? they are notoriously picky eaters. You are of to a good start, I would say a powerhead for more flow couldn't hurt. I would also say get a shrimp, if anything skunks are very fun to watch. And I agree with mikeawesome, skimmer not necessary as long as you are steady with waterchanges. Good luck!
  11. Which softies release toxins?

    Sweeper tentacles, they have powerful nematocysts. As far as I know LPS do not partake in chem war. Since the polyps are large the tentacles are large as well making them the bullies of the tank.
  12. Reef Aquarist Anthem

  13. Phishin's Phantastic Phourteen!

    Sorry for the crappy FTS, iPhone camera is all I have. Here are some close ups Rics and Prism Favia: Acans: Goby guarding his hidey-hole:
  14. Reef Aquarist Anthem

    Love that song psychosis! I get it, but I do chief the reefer
  15. Tulips.

    Can't really tell if that is diatoms under that light. My diatoms only formed on my sand because that is where the most sillicates are. But if the are rust colored that sounds like them, rust/brown and filamentous.