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  1. Gnome Glass Skimmers

    Gnome skimmer looks great! I would buy one to put inside my tank But I already own a mame skimmer haha
  2. Dead Clown

    Sometimes fish die out of nowhere... Problem is you could of provoked the fish one way or the other...
  3. easter miracle!

    Sneaky sneaky
  4. Three Headed Blasto

  5. 40 Breeder Skimmer

    I had 30gal tank.. Used a aqua c remora hob protein slimmer.. Worked wonders and pulled tons of nasty stuff cost about 60 used or 140 new
  6. Anyone use the instant ocean brand test kits?

    I reccomend buyin the API test kit for saltwater.. Accurate and pretty cheap.. Around 20$
  7. Wtb: glazer vortech shield

    You re reading what I wrote wrong. I said I bought it for 150 an it cost about 20 to ship. And I said lucky for you, you lived in socal. I never made a notion that I was selling it.. Clearly you don't understand
  8. Wtb: glazer vortech shield

    I never told you I will sell the mame, I said I have it and my brother has it. Pm me of you have any questions
  9. Wtb vortech shield for an mp10 made by glazer... Pm me
  10. Glazers Vortech Shields

    worst day ever
  11. LMAO

  12. Glazers Vortech Shields

    Silicone not working? Add some more Silicone :bowdown:
  13. Glazers Vortech Shields

    silicone fixes everything! LOL
  14. Glazers Vortech Shields

    why not just get 2 Mp10?