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  1. RODI is made by Air Water and Ice
  2. Vortechs and Kalk reactor are gone, open to offers. Back in town for a while, so I can get back quick and ship as well.
  3. Manufacture date on pumps is June 1,2011 and September 13, 2011. Looks as though pics will need to be uploaded via laptop, hope to get in it later tonight. RODI is made by Air, Water and Ice.
  4. The MP10 backup batteries are made by Belkin, they are not Ecotech brand. I have used them over 28 hours and they are perfect.
  5. Would prefer to sell as a package, as I don't need spare parts. If anyone following along needs these parts, lets make a deal happen.
  6. ETSS skimmer with pump - $100 TIA Skimmer with pump (super quiet) - $60 Apex Lite, Energy Bar 8, Display, temp probe, pH probe, backup battery, breakout box, 3 float switches and 2 brackets - $400 Apex (Full), Energy Bar 8, Display, temp probe, pH probe, ORP probe, probe bracket (magnetic), backup battery, breakout box, 3 float switches and 2 brackets - $600 60 gal rimless cube, sump, return, heater and stand - $400 60 gal setup above with with JBJ Halide - $500 32 gal cube, sump, heater, return, ATO container and ATO pump - $300 32 gal setup above with AI Sol - $550 JBJ 12gal - $75 Ai Sol Super Blue (Black Housing) (all 8 are 70 degree lenses, also includes 4 40 degree lenses)and mounting rails - $300 JBJ clip-on 150W metal halide - $150 Vortech MP10 Wes with battery backup power supplies - 2 @ $175 ea Brand new reef test kit, couple weeks old, unopened $20 TLF Phosban 150 reactors - 2 @ $25 ea TLF Kalk Reactor - $25 1" SCWD - $20 2 refractometers - $20 each RODI Filter 5 stage new filters with 20 gal used, 4+ lbs of DI resin, before and after TDS meter, pressure meter - $125 Dead rock - $100 for 18 gal tote ~ LBS Toms Aqualifter pumps with pre filters and rebuild kits - $15 ea. Mag floats, air pumps, powerheads, air stones, chemicals, fresh and frozen foods, cleaning tools, siphons, 5 gal buckets and 5 gal jugs, Chemipure elite, more.... All items are in Raleigh, NC. I will pay Paypal fees, no goofy gift scams. Pics coming. Make offers, multiple items get priority.
  7. Still working on pics, dates are March 29, 2010 and November 5th, 2010. The belkin back up power supplies are good for well over 24 hours, not sure the total time, as I have only needed them for about 30 hours once. Found an iPhone app that resizes pics, here they are.
  8. Have two of these for sale I was going to use with the RSM, but traded for a tank that has glass too thick to hold these on it. They both work great and come with back up power supplies (not Vortech, they are Belkin and will run over 24 hours) original boxes and accessories. $225 shipped and Paypal'd - I cover Paypal fees so you don't have to gift it. Apparently, I have to do some work on the laptop to upload the photos. Coming soon...
  9. Thanks for the netting, looks much better than the brs clear netting it replaced!
  10. Few things for sale in NC

    $40 shipped and Paypal'd
  11. Few things for sale in NC

    TLF Kalk Stirrer and SCWD still available.
  12. Sent Pm about battery backup.