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  1. Raccoon Butterfly

    Water parameters are all in the "ideal" levels. The fish is still alive but is staying low and hiding.
  2. Raccoon Butterfly

    i attached a photo. i have a goby, firefish, a mandarin and clownfish with anenomie
  3. Raccoon Butterfly

    the tank is 75g and he is a juvenile. there are is some reef but it is not over crowded by any means. there are lots of hiding places as well. he was always out in the open and swimming
  4. Raccoon Butterfly

    I purchased a raccoon butterfly last week and added him to my tank. He was doing really well and appeared to be very healthy. He was very active even when the light was off at night. This morning, my husband got up to feed the fish before work and noticed him laying on the bottom of the tank very weak and not able to get up. I did a water sample this morning and all the level appeared normal. I am not having issues with any of the other fish. Can someone provide insight as to what happened?
  5. Purchasing Fish

    Does anyone have recommendations on where to purchase salt water fish? I live near State College, PA and the only supplier of salt water fish is Petco. I am guessing I will need to mail order my livestock but would like to order from some place reputable.
  6. Please help to Identify this

    Thank you. What is the best way to get rid of it since we don't have any fish in the tank?
  7. Please help to Identify this

    My husband and I recently set up a 75 gallon salt water tank. It is still going through its cycling process after 3 weeks. The live rock was purchased from the Gulf of Mexico and has live plant growth, clams and some corals. Last night we noticed this "creature" and we are not sure what it is. I have attached the best picture I was able to get. As far as I can tell it has 14 "tenacle-like" arms. Thanks Nicole