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  1. What Skimmer would you use

    I've got this and love it! http://www.saltysupply.com/Sea-Side-Aquatics-ES5-Protein-Skimmer-p/ssa1149.htm same as the BM Curve 5 but instead it has a Sicce SK200. It's damn quiet dude.
  2. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    I reeeally hope that the 3x3w bulbs i order DO in fact dim. Im ready to roll!
  3. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    Over the weekend i ordered: 30: sockets 5: 3x3w Cree Cool White 60 deg-Dimmable http://www.ebay.com/itm/170811845591?ssPag...9#ht_4104wt_905 9: 4x1w Blue 45 deg http://www.ebay.com/itm/400287153717?ssPag...#ht_2592wt_1185 9: 3x1w Blue 30 deg http://www.ebay.com/itm/270946336845?ssPag...9#ht_2107wt_952 CANNOT wait to see how it looks. Im only planning on using 16 or so blues while mixing and matching 30's and 45's in the "B45B45" section of the front. These two areas will ideally shine back onto the front of the rock work to minimize shadowing. Im also toying with the idea of having 2 warm whites (w/o optics) shining back instead of 2 of the blues. B30_ _ _ _B30_ _ _ _ B30_ _ _ _B30_ _ _ _B30 W60_B45_W60_B45_W60_B45_W60_B45_W60 B30_ _ _B45B45_ _ _B30_ _ _B45B45_ _ _B30 This is going into a old current usa 6 bulb t5 fixture. I cut it down to 24". I will be running the 2 original cooling fans along with the splash guard. Im thinking about hanging 10" from the surface over my 26 bow front. Any chance the 3x3w dimmables will run at a higher wattage with better cooling?
  4. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    Any thoughts on these dimmable blues? http://www.dhgate.com/blue-color-dimmable-...fc83642d28.html
  5. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    Right on. Ive got a 6 bulb current usa hot5 extreme..case. I cut it in half making a 2 foot shell for a 26 bow. Im trying to have as little "stuff" as possible in there. I will be using the splash shield and one of the 2 fans that it came with. Right now im toying with the idea of 8- 3x2w 60deg Cool White in the center row. Anyone know if they run at 6w? And 7 3w royal blue in front and in back @ 30 deg. So 48 watt cool white and 42 watts of royal blue.
  6. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    Has anyone tried the MR16's? I see that they are more compact and about the same price. Any pros and cons of them over the GU10's? Are there dimmable blue gu10's?