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  1. Sold please delete

    Does the razor have a mounting kit with it?
  2. WTB Intank Basket for Biocube 14

    That just made me think of something else, and you may know this but there are two designs on this tank. Basically the "old" style would let fish jump into the back chambers. The new style has a piece of plastic that goes all the way up to the hood. Stevie also has the fish guards for the old style. This really needs to be put in first if you use the media basket to get the clearances right. You can check out their website. You may know all this but I hadn't thought about it since about 3 months ago when I built my led's to fit in the stock hood. So if nothing else maybe it'll help somebody else.
  3. WTB Intank Basket for Biocube 14

    If Stevie will hook you up that's excellent, but either way don't half-ass it. With a water volume of this size, and depending on access to the media basket, makes it a necessity to me. You can build them and people have had success but when you get one made just for it-you will be pleased. If you have to, set up everything with non "live" sand and rock and just let everything circulate for a couple months to let everything get cycled until you can get the right basket. If you get some old live rock PM me and I can walk you through how to give it a muriatic "HCL" acid bath. The other benefit of this is you don't have to worry about starting out with any "nasties". But it does take longer obviously to get everything to cycle and settle down. I'm actually just setting up one myself so good luck whichever way you go,
  4. If u would ship the other TDS METER Reactor/pump and the other housing to 70030. I'm in. Let me know
  5. If interested in selling the eb8 and orlp probe I'm I terested. Shot me a lm and let me know
  6. 12 Gallon RBTA Lighting ?

    Not sure if you want the clowns to host the anemone or not, but just FYI your clowns will have as good or better chance of hosting a toadstool or frogspawn Also keep in mind with a 12g tank the natural symbiotic fish/anemone needs room some a lot more than others, That being said just do your research to help keep from being disappointed.
  7. InTank media basket biocube 14

    Hmm, thought I pm'd you. My new one got here 3 days ago. Bump for you anyway.
  8. WTB Tunze 9002 Skimmer

    A free bump since it's for your mom. And some free advice since it's for her as well. But the same advice goes to whoever gets one. I installed a 9002 with thin Stevie-T's cup in my wife's JBJ 24g center compartment. Two things you really want to consider: 1. If you buy a new one, order without the magnet installed. It's simple to install it if you want it in place and even comes with the Weld-On to mount the housing magnet. This step is really optional and depends if you have room. 2. Look closely at the skimmer and notice that small blue screw below the collection cup and trial fit where it will be when the skimmer is installed. That is the air control for the skimmer. And let me warn you there is VERY little slack between the valve/hose/pump. Is the body lid comes of and the airline comes loose, you will be amazed at the four, five, 12 and 26 letter words you can come up with. In a nutshell the mod closes the blue factory screw all together, then you drill an ~7/32" hole in a convenient place on the flat cover and run a new longer air line through it to the pump. I used the blue poly line, finally install a good quality fairly sensitive air valve that can be put somewhere easily accessible. This is kind of off topic but then again if someone says they have modded one, this doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing. Check around there are many write-ups on this.
  9. Crap I justt erased what i typed. i have an AC Jr that works fine, and need to run a wire through my attic or find a couple DC-4s. i heard a strange alarm this morning and realized the tem was down to 65 i apologize and realize this isn;t the trading section and if it werenrt an emergeny I woild not post this here.pm if you may have any info please and thanks. BTW I can type but my 13yo's friend spilled drink ln my keyboard as well. Apologizies and Regards
  10. WTB: digital aquatics or Neptune

    Not sure if you're looking for a coplete system or just wanting to get yor feet wet, no pun lntended. l have an AquaController Jr with interface cables as well as Aquanotes on CD. I bought this to purchase as I needed modules WHEN IT WAS TIME, but my loving wife bought me an Apex JR. for my birthday a few weeks late. To me the most common/plesent thing between the controllers is they are very similarf I am also interested in a trade if it helps each of us out. I need a WXM or EB-8 let me know....
  11. RKL w/ extras

    Is the pump truly controlable and not just on/off. In other words can you use the the RKL to contro; speeed of the 1050? If thiis is true let me lnow it wil work welin my living rom.
  12. cardsfan....so so.

    http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/322147-mods-please-close/ Calling me a fool and asking Mods to close this thread doesn't change anything. As for me returning a PM from you-why would I want to now? This was months ago I sent pm after pm and you didn't answer so tell me why should I answer now. I said this is in the other thread-the one above with a picture of your handy work and I'll say it again if someone deals with you they need to be warned. Everything I said was the plain and simple truth. I don't have to resort to name calling-I can show the pictures of your work and if need be the copies of the pm's between us with the same excuses. So no I won't answer your pm. If you were going to take care of it you would have done it by now. The only thing I was a fool about is not going through PayPal to get my money back and believing you were having a rough time for that I guess you can say I was a fool.
  13. Mods Please Close

    This is what I'm talking about. I'm through dealing with you about it. You screwed me you know it, I know it and I just hope it doesn't happen to anyone else. I'm not rehashing this anymore I've shown what I got from you and under the circumstances it was done. I have bought and sold things on here with several other people and not had any issues. Maybe I'm the only person this has happened to, well and the other people in the thread, but just beware.
  14. Mods Please Close

    The thread has been updated. So Stand Up Hell of a Guy-I'm still waiting for you to "Make it right with me".