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  1. 1 clownfish ok alone?

    No, a 17G is not too small for a clownfish. I had to take mine (Clarkii) quickly from a 30G to a 5.5G because it got ick and rot and it did very nicely in the new tank for over 2 months. I have since moved it to a 6G and put a Yellow Clown Goby in with it and it is in heaven. Sorry that yours jumped ship, but it does happen sometimes.
  2. Just thought I would share this pic. I think it's pretty cool that a Clarkii being hosted by a Condy is also best buds with a Goby. Goby knows not to go near the nem and so sits a couple of inches away.
  3. The Official Mantis Shrimp Owners Thread

    I bet I won't Island!
  4. Interesting Critter

    No, not stationary. Like a worm or snail in it's movements. It was out after lights out and I caught it before it went back into the rock. But thank you Anthony.
  5. yellow clown goby

    I did a frozen cube of Emerald Entree and my Yellow ate it. It also gets Cyclops, fresh blendered clams as well. Eats very well.
  6. Interesting Critter

    Here are 2 pics that I fear are not quite good enough to get an identification, but figured I would try anyway. This being is about 2 inches long and half the width of a pencil. Front (or head) is to the left. I understand if the pics are not good to give an ID on. Just saw it for the first time tonight. Hitchhiker.
  7. Newb LR Hitchhiker Q's! (lots of pics!)

    Pic #1 looks like the tail end of a bristle worm.
  8. Maxi-Mini Eating Fish

    I have also witnessed my damsel, dottyback and clown Stay AWAY from my Maxi Mini. When I feed the tank, they don't go any where near that Maxi Mini - they know better, just saying. That portion of the tank is off limits to them and they know it. I can feed the MM first with a turkey baster, but the fish will wait. They JUST WON"T GO NEAR IT. It may be possible that certain fish just do not know better. These fish may very well be from another part of the great oceans and are not familiar with these type of nems. Without looking into what part of the world your fish are from, it's just a hunch.
  9. The Official Mantis Shrimp Owners Thread

    I'll do whatever I can to protect my CBS, so I may set up a trap in a couple of months and try to get the Mantis out of there. I really would like to keep a Manits, but I think I would have to set up a 3rd tank .
  10. The Official Mantis Shrimp Owners Thread

    You can count me in on the list, although I have not seen mine more than once, which was about a month ago. He was a hitchhiker. About 3/4" long and brown. I haven't seen him again but I can here him once in a while. I put in some blue legged hermits the other day and within minutes the clicking started. I have a very large female Banded Coral Shrimp in there. How do you think she will fare as this thing gets older?
  11. This one has me stumped

    Took a look and it does look like the same creature. Let's hope that Mr. X stays alive so we may get positive identification. Thank you Albert for your time and efforts. - Susan
  12. Show Off Your Anemone

    The Clarkii never leaves the side of the Condy, so as long as they are both happy, this is where they will stay. If I see that either is stressing with their environment, then I can change things up. But for now, this is it. I can always set up another tank that is bigger, haha and probably will I do have a 30G as well but my dottyback will have something to say about it. btw, this Clarkii feed the nem as soon as food goes into the tank, so the nem is well taken care of as far as food. I really should get a video of it as the Clarkii feeds the nem before it even eats a bite. Nice stuff!
  13. Bubble tip anemone

    LOL, that was good.
  14. Show Off Your Anemone

    Not quite as pretty as some of the nems in the pictures, but I want to share my two nonetheless. Shortly after I got my Clarki, it developed Ick and then the rot, so I quickly put together and old 5.5G tank that I had in my garage. I did a dip on the Clarki and put him in the tank. Within a week, I also started having problems with my Condy, so I put it in the 5.5 as well. I did not expect either of them to live after going into an uncycled tank, but they sure have. After 2 months of rehab together... I just transferred them into their new permanent home yesterday, a Fuval Edge 6G.
  15. This one has me stumped

    I took a real close look yesterday and it seems that the antenna are barely still there as well as some of the body. The attachment is gone completely as well as the foot. I will keep a close eye on it to see if it completely goes away. Wish I could have saved it as it seemed to be a friendly hitchhiker.