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  1. Blue Hippo Tang has ICH - Please Help

    Is this my only option? Some spots seem white but not many. Some seem more like bumps without a white spot... I don't have a running QT tank although with some fast planning I could get one up and running with old equipment. Could the tang just have ich from being stressed over the new fish? Sounds like you're saying the new fish brought ich into my tank? Been in the hobby for 2 years and this is my first time dealing with ich.
  2. I have a Blue Hippo that has been in the tank for about 1 year. He appears to have ich. Nothing has changed other then 2 new fish (anthias) I got last week. He is eating like a champ and as active as always. He is showing no signs of being sick other than the Ich bumps. All other fish seem to be doing just fine as well and don't show any signs of having ich How should I handle this situation?
  3. Best Way/Place to Buy Zoanthids & Polyps

    Yes, It was like $55 more for shipping. I was also reading a few reviews for them that didn't seem too great! That alone is enough to make me look elsewhere which is why I posted this thread. Seemed like such a nice deal though. I will check this out and PM you. Thanks!
  4. Best Way/Place to Buy Zoanthids & Polyps

    I'm looking to find some cool colored Zoanthids & Polyps for a good price. I'm willing to buy in bulk to get a better price. I see a vender RareReef offering what they call an "Asian Zoa Preorder". This is for Zoa colonies ranging from 100 - 200 polyps. They say all zoas are Asian Super High End and Collectors colonies. Their minimum order is 10 Pieces $550. That breaks down to at least $0.50 a polyp which is great. I want to find more deals like this?? Do they exist? Where is the best place to buy Zoanthids & Polyps at an affordable price?
  5. Dinoflagellate Algae

  6. Dinoflagellate Algae

    Okay, thanks! Am I identifying this as dino correctly? Added image above!
  7. Dinoflagellate Algae

    Do you run GFO in a reactor or in a media bag? This is something i have been considering for few months. I have been looking a BRS Reactors because i feel like the bag of carbon just sitting in my sump doesn't do anything. I ran ChemiPure for a long time but also wasn't sure how effective it was just sitting in the sump.
  8. Dinoflagellate Algae

    Anyone have experience with fighting dinoflagellate algae? It's not on my rock really. They seem to be getting bad in the sand. Media - Currently only Carbon Bag 80 Gallon Frag Tank
  9. Sump / Refugium Question?

    Can I add a small Clean up Crew down there?
  10. Sump / Refugium Question?

    I agree, this is a sump I bought off Craigs List and I wouldn't mind upgrading it in the future. The lights are something I had laying around from an old tank. As you can tell i'm just putting some old items to use. If I mounted the lights higher would they still give the refugium enough light?
  11. Sump / Refugium Question?

    Is this an acceptable way to start my refugium in this center chamber? I would add some live rock and a little cleanup crew down here today. I would mainly keep the cheato and maybe some other macro. Not sure about adding sand yet... Questions How should I lay this light? lol Is light on the return and overflow bad? How often should i keep this light running? Should I put a small powerhead anywhere? Will my skimmer be effective there? Let me know!
  12. HELP - Constantly Fighting Algae

    Thanks for the help! My return isn't strong enough to make up for the lack of flow. At the moment I can't remember what it's rated for. Great article! Thank You!
  13. HELP - Constantly Fighting Algae

    I feel like flow is a big part of the problem. Gotta decide what I want to do there... I don't know if selling this MP10 and getting an MP40 is best or just getting another MP10.
  14. HELP - Constantly Fighting Algae

    I just started using this 3 days ago to help correct the problem. The algae issue has been going on for a month or 2.
  15. HELP - Constantly Fighting Algae

    Yes, sand is the main problem. I don't remember the brand of sand. I was bags of live sand suggested by my LFS. I think CaribSea. Very fine Granules. Umm the tank is in the living room and when lights are out on the tank we still have lights on in the living rooms so it's not completely dark. Our TV is pretty close too and probably lights it up a bit. Morning light slightly sneaks in between blinds from a sliding glass door but not much.