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  1. leaving hobby! Lots of stuff for sale!

    Do you want t obuy them?
  2. I have the following for sale - aqueon 40 gallon breeder - not reef ready - $60 aqueon 20 gallon High - not reef reaqdy $20 Hydor nano Skim - $50 <- really good skimmer! Hydoe Koralia 750 - $40 Hydor Koralia 750 - $40 Coralife 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis system - $90 Coralife aqualight 36" T5 HO light WITH led MOON LIGHT AND ALL 4 BILBS - $150 DEEP Blue 36 x 18 tank stand - $200 reef test kit - $20 LIVESTOCK - 6 line wrasse - $20 really awesoem cleaner shrimp - this thing is getting HUGE - $20 Yellow watchman goby - $20 Pistol shrimp - $free if wee can find him! - not sure if he is in here- honestly, i put him the tank when I bought him and never saw it again - spends alot of time hiding i suppose. zoanthid frag - $10 green star polyp doing really well and attached to a big piece of rock $20 small rock covered in gre mushrooms - $30 pulsing xenia - getting huge - $20 approx 40lb of live rock doing really well and getting covered in coraline - $150 20lbs of live sand - $20 Tale everything for $800 - If I part anything out the fish and corals must be sold first. Price do not include shipping or paypal fees.
  3. Internal filter or move the tank?

    Would love to but the lights dont have anything to mount them to the ceiling.. Thanks for the help!
  4. Internal filter or move the tank?

    yeah the side would be a great idea - but my lights rest on the frame of the tank...
  5. Internal filter or move the tank?

    i was tempted to move the tank a bit - but it looks like its not going to work, if i move the tank out another 5 imches, the floor gets pretty uneven and I will have to level the tank, not sure how to do that with it half full..
  6. 40 Breeder Skimmer

    Im currently using the Hydor Slim Skim on my 40 breeder - seems to be doing a good job.
  7. I have a 40 breeder setup - and it has basically 1 inch between the tank and the wall. I have some partticles always floating around and the water is not as clear as I would like it to be.. I would also like to run some carbon on the system. I considered running a HOB filter - which I already have but cant use due to the distance between the tank and wall - I actually have the AC 110.... I would really like to use this!!! Anyway, I was considering picking up a Fluval U3, i do have some real estate inside the tank that I can dedicate to the filter, and it is also a pretty good spot since I can get to it easily for cleaning. Has anyone used these internal filters in a reef - Are they any good?? Can I throw water ever type of carbon I want in these or does it need to be fluval branded carbon? Otherwise does anyone have any recomemndations about how to nudge a 40 breeder about 6 inches awayf rom the wall to fit my AC110? Thanks!!!
  8. Ammonia and Nitrate

    My Nitrite is actually 0.... There were 0 nitrates when I started, I used RO water that I tested before it went in...
  9. Ammonia and Nitrate

    Just a quick question - During the cycliong period is it normal to have ammonia and Nitrate at the same time? I currently have 0.25PPM ammonia and 5/10ppm Nitrate - Kind of hard to tell on the Nnitrate looks like it is somewhere in between... I currently have 40 lbs of arag-alive sand and about 40 lbs of live rock in the tank - if that has anything to do with anything... thanks!!
  10. Cheap skimmr

    Probably good idea to go used.. I saw a few coralife 65g HOB skimmer son ebay not too long ago for like $40...
  11. Powerheads for 40 Breeder

    So I dug a little deeper this morning and saw the Tunze TUrbelle pumps as well - How are these in comparison to the Koralia? I am thinking either 2 Koralia 750 or 2 Tunze 6025/6045 - Anyone have any opinions?
  12. Powerheads for 40 Breeder

    The MP-10 is intriguing - I would consider it if I can truly get by with one.. Since I have no sump, I do not have a return coming back into the tank to offer any more flow... All the options of the mp-10 are pretty cool though, and I love gadgets... My next tank is either going to be a 75, or a 120. I like the 48" length - just tossed between 24" or 18" depth.. Would an MP10 work with the glass on wither tank??
  13. Powerheads for 40 Breeder

    Hi! I am fairly new to the forum, have been lurking for a week or so. I set up a 40 gallon breeder, a sumpless system with a HOB skimmer. I am looking for powerheads for this tank. Been looking at the endless 40 breeder posts on this forum and seem to get a lot of mixed opinions.. I plan on mainly keeping soft corals, Zoas, Shrooms, no real interest in SPS coral right now. What would be the best best for this system? The Koralia Evolutions seem pretty solid - Is 2 - 750's too much or too little?? I see a lot of recommendations on the MP10 - Is only one of those needed? I do plan on upgrading to a much larger tank in about a year, we are planning on moving in a year (possibly) So ill have much more space, and this 40 breeder will end up being the sump for that tank -anyway, I wouldnt mind dropping the cash on the mp-10 if I can repurpose it in the future build and if I only need 1 right now.. On the other hand if I can save the money and just go with the Hydors- that works too! Any opinions? Thanks in advance!!