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  1. Phosphates: range between 0.02ppm and 0.04ppm Nitrates: 0.0 ppm I should note that the colors that do show are bright on all corals. It's just that many once-present colors are greatly diminished. Examples: When purchased reverse sunset monti had green body with red/orange polyps. After 8 months in my tank the frag size has doubled and is bright green but the polyps don't have any coloration. After 3 months, a colony of blue hornet zoas (blue body/yellow tentacles/yellow ring on body)has gone from 2 to 8 polyps but they are now just blue with tentacles having zero coloration and yellow ring is gone. These are just two examples of many. I have noticed this trend ever since I have had the nano. Growth but loss of coral color variation. My best hypothesis up to this point is lack of essential spectrum for those pigments to persist.
  2. I have an ai nano over my 8g nano 12x12x12 and have noticed some good growth but, unfortunately, also some loss of colors from many of my softies, lps and sps. After doing research on the led forums I have found that the ai nano does not cover the uv and red spectrums. I'm looking for an inexpensive and easy way to fill in some of the gaps in the ai's spectrum and wanted some feed back on the ecoxotic 12.5" stunners. Is the light output on these enough to not just add visible"color" to the tank but to actually fulfill the photosynthetic needs of the pigments in the uv/magenta range? They would be mounted about 5" above water line. The ai nano is on a controller and peaks at 25cw/30b/35rb. I am planning on an inline dimmer to be used with the stunners if I go with them. I would appreciate any feedback.
  3. Nuvo 8, Cadlights 8 mini, or JBJ RL 8 ?

    I've had a nuvo 8 up and running since November last year. Only issues I have run into are: 1. The plastic backing that divides the sump from the main tank was not sealed and caused water to leak from tank into sump. I blame this on a bad silicone seal and was an easy repair.. So just FYI you may want to check that before stocking tank. 2. The light is possibly strong enough for softies but was just too dim to my eyeball meter. Replaced with an ai nano. 3. Filter media basket is too narrow and has to be placed in a forward position to ensure flow thru. The glass work is very nice overall and the tank is very esthetic overall. Can't comment on the jbj or cadlights...never looked into them. Hope this helps.

    Here is my current light cycle: all with lunar off 10:20am 2-3-4 10:50am 5-9-10 11:35am 8-13-14 1:25pm 11-15-16 5:30pm 9-13-13 7:30pm 3-7-7 8:00pm 0-1-0 I backed off even more as my green birds nest (placed middle of the tank 6" below water level) started looking bad even at the 15-20-20 peak. To answer your question pschom and, by the way thanks for offering to help, I bumped up about 1% white and 2% on B/RB every two weeks or so on my way to 20-25-25. Some of the intensity bumps were made at peak mid-day (1:25pm timer) only and others were at the 11:35, 1:25pm, and 5:30pm slots. I will post some pics of the corals once I figure out how to. According to the PAR measurements saltwatercoral posted on this thread, at this level of intensity I am worried that PAR is too low. What do you guys think? Thanks for the help.

    I have an 8 gal innovative marine aio with an ai nano mounted approx. 7" from water. Tank dimensions 12x12x12. I guess to summarize my problem, I can't seem to bump my lights up beyond 20% without frying all of the corals. The history of the tank is: setup 1 year ago Ai nano installed 10 months ago Initially fried everything (one colony of zoas and an acanthastrsea) as I was relying on the manual touch control until the controller was available. Installed controller and dialed way back to peak of 15/20/20 Things started looking better then as I bumped up to 20/25/25 things started looking bad 1 week later. This was roughly 6 months ago, photoperiod of 8 hrs. I then dialed back to 15/20/20 but at this color intensity over the last 4 months, my once blue acro(blu matrix) and once bright green Ora birds nest look like brown twigs. Water parama are great and polyp extension on all hard corals is healthy and not one bit of sps tissue death. Oh and I have had trouble with zoas and palys as well. My lfs had the zoas under a 400w 20k mh and they were beautiful when purchased. Now as they bask under my 35watt ai nano that is tuned down to 15/20/20 peak a mid day they look small with spindly polyps. I have been told and thru my research that this is the result of photoinhibition by the polyps as a result of too much light. they are definitely not reaching for more light. I know my tank is shallow and the light is only 7" from water but how cAn this be that I can not move beyond tapping into more than 6 watts of this nano? Please help!

    <a href=" title="iphone photos and video april 12 497 by reef attack, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5463/6916622430_dabe9a2a8b.jpg" width="374" height="500" alt="iphone photos and video april 12 497"></a> Would like to announce my candidacy as a member of the ai club. Tank is an innovative marine 8 gallon, set up 6 months ago, added the ai nano 3 months ago. Peak has been at 20w28b29rb for the last month. Custom mounted, only 6" off the surface. Fried all of my zoas at first because the digital controller was on back order for the first month and I had it set probably closer to 40% on all three colors.