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  1. Dwarf Seahorse Questions

    Thanks for all the help!
  2. Dwarf Seahorse Questions

    I was also thinking after I posted that on short trips it would be possible to dump a large amount of Copepods in the tank for them to graze on during the trip. How often do you do water changes, and what percent of the water do you change?
  3. Dwarf Seahorse Questions

    This may seem like a silly question, but what do you guys do when you go on vacation?
  4. Dwarf Seahorse Questions

    Hi I am considering a dwarf seahorse tank. I have a few questions and was hoping someone with experience would chime in. First off, I am interested in culturing Copepods for the horses. I have cultures of tigriopus californicus and phyto started. Has anyone ever fed their dwarfs on mainly Copepods? If you have, what was your tank and culture setup? Also, if you have kept dwarf seahorses, how did you do it? Tank size, filter, decor, feeding schedule, food type, etc. Thanks, Luke
  5. Problem Mixing Saltwater

    No I bought it new and rinsed it with RO/DI before I used it to mix in.
  6. Problem Mixing Saltwater

    I cant find an expiration date anywhere on it, but it was on sale so that could make sense.
  7. Problem Mixing Saltwater

    I mix the water in plastic trash cans. I am using a powerhead and a heater set to 79. I use Instant Ocean salt. I'm using RO/DI water. The container is in a dark closet.
  8. Problem Mixing Saltwater

    I just recently started mixing my own saltwater and have run into a problem. I mix it and then the next day or so it turns a brown shade and starts to smell. I had to dump it once but then it happened again. Why is this happening? Thanks, Luke
  9. The Pod Farm

    I started my culture and it is growing. It has been about 2 wks, do I do a water change or wait until their population grows more? also, what do I do with the water change water? Put it in the tank in case there are any copepods in the water? P.S. These are Tisbe pods, not sure if it matters.
  10. The Pod Farm

    2 liter. I put in way too much food in the beginning but it balanced out now.
  11. The Pod Farm

    Thanks for a great and very informational thread! Quick question though, I started a Tisbe culture a few days ago, and I think I overfed it. How much food do I give them?
  12. Sponges are overtaking my tank!

    Ill make sure he gets ample flow tomorrow. Dont feel like getting wet right now, and the lights are off. thanks for the heads up.
  13. Sponges are overtaking my tank!

    Sps do too?
  14. Sponges are overtaking my tank!

    Could they hurt the corals if they landed directly on them? This happened to my monticap.
  15. Sponges are overtaking my tank!

    I've attached the pictures. Here is one next to a sun coral. They look like small white cones. They will often put out feeder thingies that look like a mini feather duster out of the top hole. http://s1051.photobucket.com/albums/s426/w...current=064.jpg