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  1. 55° of Coolness - Micro-reefs 2g Temperate Tank

    Thanks we try! Stew is better at keeping up with online threads but I chime in now and then, and yes I agree cold water nems are great! Check out our facebook to see some European stock you can order!
  2. Jims temperate pico

    wow.....all I can say!
  3. Reef a palooza

    You know how we do!!!
  4. Reef a palooza

    Are G.P.O. made its way on to reef builders!
  5. Flampton's temperate nano

    Well looks like you guys are dew for free shrimp on your next order
  6. Jacob's Temperate Tank. *ReefBuilders Mention!*

    We free dive and hand collect. Also allot of the dorids take fish and anemone for food, which means keeping them long term is simple. In fact my old tank I broke down after two years had them all over the place and they were hitchhikers!
  7. Flampton's temperate nano

    Next time you order we will make sure to only send you micro hermits! Glad to see its going well
  8. Jarquarium Challenge

    I just checked it out today and it looked great! Another reason to go cold!
  9. Flampton's temperate nano

    Welcome to the Darkside!!! Well I dropped off your goodies so let me know how everything made it to your pad! I cant wait to see how it comes along and let us know if there is anything that you want that's not on our site and we can keep an eye out for it when we are collecting! So cool to see the system up and running, also your target temps are fine for I allot of our native livestock but you may want to keep it closer to 60 with a 1 degree creep which means set your chillers to 60 so as the temps raise your tank might only creep 61 or so just to play it safe. Feel free to call Stew or I for any quistions! Josh
  10. Japanese Spiny Lumpsuckers.......

    Just in time for reefapalooza!!!!
  11. I'm sure we will do a pree sale as soon as we find out there comming so keep your fingers crossed we get tons of them.
  12. Working on them!!! Will be getting them from Japan as soon as the come into season right around October, right around reefopalooza........
  13. Micro-Reefs AIO 6.2 gallonTemperate pico!

    Just got word the grunt sculpuns will be in soon..... fyi
  14. Considering going Cold

    We have a blenny on our site right now from the Uk, we also have zebra and catalina gobies in and corinactis californicus.
  15. I think I am in over my head

    Or you can just buy a Nano tank from micro reefs and do it right the first time!