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  1. Exactly how I felt watching it. It was showing us all this depressing stuff going on with our corals, but never really told us what we can specifically do. Very interesting read, thank you for sharing the link!
  2. Most hermit crabs live their lives in an endless episode of House Hunters, switching from one shell to the next. A newly discovered species of hermit crab, however, chooses to live in an unusual abode that’s actually also alive.
  3. A team of Chilean researchers revealed the first images of what may be at least six new reef-dwelling species.’s-“twilight-zone” Also for you Netflix users… I would recommend watching “Chasing Corals”. It is a great/eye-opening documentary about coral reef bleaching.
  6. Video link:
  7. Possibly, but I would email Jason at to make sure. Thank you for your interest in purchasing through us
  10. We have 47 products currently in our Sale & Clearance Items. Make sure to check it out!
  11. Aside from our amazing Fathers Day Sales, Premium Aquatics has a new nem tank full of different species that we are going to continue to add to. Currently we have Long tentacle purple nems to rock nems and mini maxi's....and of course rose bubble tip anemone’s. Make sure you keep an eye out for new additions!