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  2. Click the link, and type your email address. Easy peasy.
  7. Excludes MAP items:
  9. Click here if interested:
  10. Neptune Systems Flow Monitoring Kit (FMM, (2) FS-50, (4) 1/2" Adapters, (1) FS-100, (2) 1" union
  11. Premium Aquatics has a great fish selection this week! Check out a few of the highlights below...along with a SUPER Special price on Rainfords gobies and small yellow watchman this week!! 2 Large Green mandarins = $20 each 2 Large Royal gramma = $16.99 1 pair of Fiji Exquisite wrasse = stunning fish and eating like champs! $99.99 Springeri Damsels at only $5.99 each!!! SUPER special on small Yellow Watchman this Saturday ONLY = $6.99 SUPER special on Rainfords gobies = ONLY $9.99!! We also have a few bottles of nutrimar tigrio pods in stock!! $18.99 each Saturday Walk-in hours 12-3pm Full list of available livestock:
  12. Premium Aquatics BLOG link: This is our first post on our new Premium Aquatics BLOG! Make sure to check often for exciting new products, specials, closeouts and more. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or call 317-895-9005 or use our new Live Chat feature on our website available from 10am-6pm M-Friday. Why you should be using the Seneye Reef Light Meter Why you should be using the Seneye Reef Light Meter  How much do we all spend on corals in a year? How much do we spend on different supplements to try and make the coral grow and to improve its colour? How much do we spend on making sure the light output we have put these delicate and expensive species under is correct? I think the majority of us are guilty of not spending anything on the last but is without doubt after water quality the most important element in keeping corals successfully. Until a short time ago working out correct light outputs for corals was based on choosing what we believed to be the right spectrum of bulb for your T5 or MHO, then along came LED’s on mass and changed all this, all of a sudden you had multi channel variances to deal with, many reefers have seen their corals succumb to the wrong type of light output, often put under far to higher intensities. The answer of course is a light meter but these were costly and often confusing to use, this has put off many reefers from purchasing probably the most important piece of equipment you can have along side lights pumps and filters. This answer came with the launch of the Seneye Reef Aquarium Life support monitor, not only does the Seneye Reef come with a very accurate light meter, it also will monitor your pH, Temperature and Ammonia, as well as your Ammonium level, ideal for seeing if your nutrients are on the rise. The Seneye Reef light meter has stood up against big names such as Apogee and held its ground in terms of accuracy and functionality equally and in some cases reported better.  When we walk into our fish store and walk out with that new prized coral, would it not be advantageous to know what lighting this specimen is going under? Is it correct for its species? Too hot and the coral will stress and bleach, too cool of intensity and at best it will lose its colour and not grow. Having access to an affordable light meter bridges the gap from failure to success. Having the ability to balance your tanks lighting, especially LED is now very important to the success of keeping corals, with the Seneye Reefs light meter you no longer are leaving this to chance.  Even if you have not adopted LED lighting, using the Seneyes light meter to measure the output of your bulbs and tubes is as important, changing bulbs at the right time can both save you money and also help assure better success with coral health. Another great use for the Seneye Reef. The Seneye Reefs biggest advantages are • Cost coupled with accuracy, multiple head to heads have shown the Seneye Reef Light meter to be as accurate to names such as Apogee, but costing as little as $199.00 • Ability not only measure PAR but also LUX Kelvin and PUR, the latter PUR is the percentage of useable light (growth light) that is being produced, the higher the number the better growth potential the output has. • With the addition of the Seneye Web Server (SWS) data logging of all parameters over an internet connection and email alerts and alarms. • 24/7 warnings of nutrient issues. For $199 is it worth the risk not knowing the right lighting output for your corals? Please download the latest catalog here Direct Link to the product
  13. Premium Aquatics just received in some lovely Aquaculture clams for this weekends open hours! Stop in and grab one before someone else does! Striped Blue rim Derasa clams $49.99 each Ultra Blue\Turquoise Maxima $73.99 Limited quantity available so hurry in! Saturday walk-in hours 12-3pm Full list of available livestock: Premium also brought in some really awesome colonies this week including welso open brains, scolymia, favia, GSP, sympodium, and MORE! Hurry in, at these prices they won't last LOOOOONG! Saturday Walk-in hours 12-3pm Full list of available livestock: