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  1. FS: T5 Light

  2. FS: T5 Light

    I think you guys are thinking of the aquaticlife fixture. That light was used for about 2 years. The current bulbs on it were about a year old because I started out with the stock bulbs and then switched to ati. Anyway, I just sold that fixture so I took it out of my orginal post. I probably should have been more clear. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. FS: T5 Light

  4. FS: T5 Light

    I'm also interested in a mp10 if anyone wants to trade.
  5. FS: T5 Light

    Hi, I've recently upgraded my tank so I'm selling my old T5 light. It was used for about 3 months and is in excellent condition. Just pm me if you're interested. Hagen Glo T5 HO Marine Lighting System, Double Bulb, 24" (with 2 glo bulbs, 3 months old): $75 shipped
  6. Wuvable Wubbins' Wonderful Water World

    Glad the title's working Thanks for the compliment Nice For the questions: The tank is right next to the stairs, that's what the railing in the background is. And no, there are doors on the stand. That picture was just taken right after I finished staining it so I hadn't put the doors back on. Thanks for the compliments.
  7. Wuvable Wubbins' Wonderful Water World

    Anyway... here's the FTS
  8. Wuvable Wubbins' Wonderful Water World

  9. Hey guys, I've finally gotten my new tank up and running so I thought I'd try my first tank thread! All advice and questions are welcome. Info 40 breeder 20 high sump SC-65 protein skimmer Tek 6 bulb t5 lights Glass Holes 700gph overflow and return kit Mag drive 350 gph return pump Circulation pumps from my old tank (cant remember what kind)...maybe a vortech in the future Right now the tank is finishing up the cycle so there's not much in there but here's some pictures Day 1 Scape I haven't taken a current picture with lights, sand, water ect. yet but I'll make sure to post it soon. Thanks for reading.
  10. Mag Drive Loudness?

    Oh sorry, I should have originally said that it's brand new. I know the bigger ones can get kind of loud but most of the reviews on the smaller ones said they were pretty quiet. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas. I think I'm gonna put a sponge or something under it. Any other ideas?
  11. Mag Drive Loudness?

    I have a 350gph mag drive pump that makes kind of a loud humming noise. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to quiet it down?
  12. Bulk Reef Supply Group Buy

    Glad everything seems to have worked out for everyone! I'm still shopping but I can't wait until my order comes! I can finally get my new tank up and running
  13. Bulk Reef Supply Group Buy

    Yep, just last name and BRS email.
  14. Bulk Reef Supply Group Buy

    One day left to join!
  15. Bulk Reef Supply Group Buy

    Just so everyone knows, the group buy is still open! I've decided I'll send in the names on Sunday. So if anyone still wants to join, you have today and Saturday to pm me. Thanks