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  1. Peppermint shrimp gone without a trace.

    He was doing really well...He was eating well and he didnt really mess with anything. Had him for almost 2 months. He took care of all my apstasia also. I am guessing that maybe he just died and my cuc made a meal out of him. Checked the floor...Nothing. Poor little guy....
  2. The other day I noticed that my peppermint was no where to be found...I moved around all my rocks and I couldn't find any trace of him in my tank. I can't figure out what happened to him. I have an Emerald crab, Porcelain, small Halloween hermit, A bunch of small snails anf hermits, only two small coral frags Colt and Nephthea. Any ideas what might have happened to him?
  3. Nephthea issue

    I have a Green Palau Nephthea frag and I can't seem to get it to inflate all the way. My other corals are all doing fine. I keep moving it around the tank to see if I can find a sweet spot but nothing seems to work. My water parm's are all at 0. Tank is a 15 gallon. I'm using an HOB filter and a power head...Lighting is a T5 Nova Extreme with stock bulbs. Any advice?
  4. ten gallon tank

    Everything sounds ok...But the light is the most important thing. Make sure to research the light that comes with it. Also...Make sure when you set the tank up to use RO/DI water. NOT tap water.
  5. Treating hair algae with peroxide

    Have you tried treating it with an Emerald crab? My little guy tears that stuff up.
  6. Corals?

    If you have enough live rock a filter is not really necessary. You just need good water flow. Make sure that you are using RO/DI water though. Tap water is not good for a reef tank. I run a small HOB (hang on back) filter just for extra flow and surface movement.
  7. First tank in 10 years.

    Tell me what you think? I've only added one small frag of Sympodium coral along with a CUC. I might change my rock formations around a little bit. It's a 15 gal 24x12x12. Running a T5 light. Powerhead..HOB filter.
  8. So far I have....1 Emerald crab, 1 Peppermint shrimp, 1 Porcelain crab (impulse buy), 1 Halloween hermit, 5 Nassarius snails, 2 Astrea, 2 Trouchus, 2 Ceriths, and 10 small hermits. Do you guys think I went overboard on the CUC or do you think I am good>?
  9. I am pretty fimiliar with the different kinds of algae blooms...But I have a layer of greenish brown stuff growing on my glass that will not scrape off by normal means (magnet). Any ideas on what it is and how to remove it?
  10. cycle questions

    Ninja edit......
  11. Air stone?

    If I am just keeping water around for water changes is it ok to use an air stone over a powerhead ?
  12. cycle questions

    ^This lady know what she is talking about.
  13. cleaner shrimp going after peppermint shrimp

    If you do a quick search you will find that Cleanrers have a bad rep for unleashing carnage on peppermints. I'd get him out of there before he goes to heaven.
  14. My tank is a 15 gal 24x12x12 reef. 15 pounds of rock. Been testing my water...Its finally cycled. My Amonia, Nitrite and Nitrate are all reading 0. Salinity is 1.023-1.024 range. Temp 79deg. My tank is 3-4 weeks old. Added my first crew last night. 1 Porcelin crab. 1 Peppermint Shrimp. 1 Halloween hermit. 3 Nassarius snails. Everything seems to be doing well today. Since my tank is still fairly new I am supplementing some formula 1 and 2 for their diet. Do you guys think I was good on the amount of stuff that I added to start with? Should I add more? Did I add too much? I was thinking about maybe doing a few more snails and maybe another hermit and shrimp.