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  1. TheDoogan's Shallow Rimless Reef

    i just love this built.
  2. Dont go with a DIY LED kit. I started out with one and yes it does the job but you will eventually spend the money and get a bigger light. Just save yourself the money and get the better stuff. I do run a par38 ledtric full spec zooman bulb but also a 12' blue and white led fixture for my sps. I run the par38 for a few hours during the day.
  3. Lowes sells a gooseneck that functions the same way as Lock-line. holds my heavy par38 no problem.

    as title states. Looking for LIKE NEW condition. pm me thanks
  5. ugly's fugly natural tank

    i love that rock its awesome. great build very impressive. (hedwig is cute)
  6. WTB 24" ATI T5 fixture

  7. ATI Sunpower T5/LED Idea

    im interested in this idea as well. I just dont think i have the skill or patience to get it done lol
  8. need mounting solution for LEDTRIC par bulb

    what do you guys think of this gooseneck arm? http://snakeclamp.com/store.php?app=ecom&a...amp;portrelay=1
  9. im running a 12" led fixture above my shallow 30gal (24x24x13) but I want to make use of my LEDTRIC zooman full spec bulb for added SPS lighting. This tank will be mostly SPS. Besides the obvious reef lamp kit from LEDTRIC, does anyone have any sleek wall mount options for these heavy Par38 bulbs? need suggestions please, thanks
  10. Calcium reactor or dosing with dosing pumps?

    interested in this topic as well. but im running a smaller setup 10gal DT with 25gal sump. Which dosing pump is "nano" friendly and cost friendly?
  11. this skimmer is huge for a small reef?

    if you have a heavy bio load then the skimmer is fine. The mj1200 is overkill though, i use the mj900 on my 10gal
  12. Dual Reactor (BRS)

    Iv been running them on my 10gal with 25gal sump. I just fill it a little under half way including the 2 sponges so I guess around 1/3'd filled and so far so good.
  13. Nanocube Overflow

    i made myself a PVC overflow via youtube for my 9gal cube when I first started. After it was made I ended up going with the Eshopps nano overflow. For the money, its wayyy better looking then a funny looking PVC overflow and gives more security. I say grab one of those and call it a day.
  14. Gabe's 34G Solana

    nice scoly, mine was my favorite addition as well. Do you have yours on a angle? any reason for that? I heard thats beneficial for chalices
  15. LEDTric Full Spec Bulb Fixtures

    checking in for updates on this. I have the zooman and considering running it on my 18X18X18 cube