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  1. Jgpico's 30 gal nuvo. New fts pg. 48

    Hey, one more suggestion- unless you are installing another type of flow, invest in the Spin Stream powerhead sold by IM. We have both our outputs with Spin Streams (the 38g comes with two) and they are great. Really keeps the water moving at the surface and we have no issues with dead areas!
  2. Jgpico's 30 gal nuvo. New fts pg. 48

    Hi- was reading through your posts. We have the IM 38g and love it! We've got a FULLY stocked tank- and we know, we get scolded every time. Not sure if you got your stand, but our came completely destroyed in shipping. It was total junk. Be careful of getting it wet- the pressboard will warp and split. We bought one from our LFS- solid wood and unfinished. Stained it black and built a bottom and shelf. I'll post a few pics. We don't run any sump, just the stock filters; but we do add Chemi- Pure elite and a phosphate filter bag. These tanks fight nitrates all the time, just because they are small and if you have any kind of stock, they usually are present. Several LFS stores here don't worry about readings, they just judge by the health of the tank. I know, rebels. Invest in a magnet for cleaning the glass- we scrub ours almost every other day. We have a 150W heater in ours as well to maintain the 78 degrees. We've had lots of help from some others that also have IM38g, and Steve from IM is a great help. The stock lights that came with the tank are awesome. Simply put, we are new to salt water- our first tank was the IM 8g; but it was too small. Sold it and upgraded to the 38; which is all the room we have for a tank now. It's been running great for 7 months. As I said, it's fully stocked- 2 small clowns, 2 firefish, 1 bangaii cardinal, 1 sixline wrasse, 1 yellow wrasse, cleaner shrimp and assorted snails/hermits. Oh, and a small emerald crab. Told you- FULL! The list of corals is too large to list- but our maxi mini carpets are our favorite. Frogspawn and Hammer corals are growing like weeds! The only thing we have trouble with is our zoas- they don't want to grow. I know we are rank newbies; but we love to try new things and this is a great and rewarding challenge!
  3. Six Line in Overflow

    Thanks All! After two hours of trying to catch him, at midnight, I did make a small bottle fish trap- added shrimp and stuck the trap in in the back, fully expecting it to take about 3 days to catch him. This morning, I checked the tank at 8:30 am and get this: THE FISH WAS BACK IN THE MAIN TANK! We thought we might have dreamt the entire thing! Wrassy came up and ate shrimp for breakfast like it was no big deal. He must have swum against the flow to get back in. We now think he is part salmon.
  4. Six Line in Overflow

    Our small six line wrasse was sucked into the overflow/back compartmnets of our IM 38g. Will we ever be able to catch him? Can't drain all the water, and there are areas under the glass of the filter compartments. Our fear is that he'll leap to his death from the back. Anyone had any luck catching a quick fish in the back compartments of an AIO tank? Is he doomed?
  5. Innovative Marine Nuvo 8 gallon

    We had good luck with our corals in our 8g. We had difficulty with nitrates and wanted fish, so upgraded our whole setup to the 38g. The corals have taken off much better in the 38g- but they did just fine under the stock lights in the 8g Nano. We had zoas, a frogspawn, a maxi mini carpet, and an acan and some assorted frags of hard coral.
  6. Aio tank help

    Check out Innovative Marine- we bought the 38g with the LED's. About $750 with lights; but the tank alone is obviously less. We had an 8g, liked it, sold it, bought the 38, LOVE it. I have some picture posted somewhere on this AIO section, forgot where.! I do think the PICO's are sweet, but are also more expensive. So far, just running it stock, with Chemi-Pure, and everything is thriving.
  7. Admonition's Nuvo 16

    Hey, I posted pics under the other thread about buying the 16g. Can I ask about the power head? I've seen them, but I'm not entirely sure of the purpose and benefit in the smaller tanks- can you educate me? Does it create a sandstorm in your 16g?
  8. Nuvo or Not to Nuvo? Newb here

    As approved , here's some pics of our IM 38g. Our corals love it- and have totally grown since moving from our 8g. Even under the actinic (sp?) blue LED's, they continue to stay open all night. Everyone is eating and healthy and never had a bad reaction to the move. Just before these pics, we moved the frogspawn and the zoa's, so they are bit shrunk. Our maxi-mini's love it, and the hammer is only one week old, and thriving. Acans as well- bigger than they've ever been. A couple more...pic on the right was the rock scape BEFORE livestock. Livestock- 2 oc clowns, 1 mandarin goby (still hiding), one cleaner shrimp, assorted snails and a bazillion crabs.
  9. Nuvo or Not to Nuvo? Newb here

    I have some new pics of our IM 38g AIO and would love to share, but I'm new to posting and don't want to hijack a thread... Can anyone advise on how to either link to a new thread I can start, or should I just post pics here? Thanks in advance for friendly feedback!
  10. Nuvo or Not to Nuvo? Newb here

    Just adding another review for the Innovative Marine products. We bought the Innovative Marine 8g; and have already upgraded to the IM 38g. Awesome tank. We love the design, and the AIO components. The stands are complete junk, so we returned and bought a custom wood stand from our LFS. These new tanks haven't been around very long, so no long term reviews on pump life, etc. We had a problem with a very noisy fan in our tablet LED, but the owner of IM is sending us a new fan to install. Hopefully it will be much quieter- we'll know next week. Great customer service. I should start a thread now that we have our livestock!
  11. Cerealkillers Biocube 29

    Your third attempt pics were my inspiration for our new 38g!
  12. Does "fully cured" live rock go through a cycle?

    Rocks were out of water and wrapped in wet newspaper for about 30-60 minutes while we brought it home. Went right into the tank. (Temp is 79 and steady, btw, sorry forgot that parameter) Hubby wanted to add a crab from our 8g tank; but told him we didn't have anything for him to eat! We'll wait the 1-2 weeks and hope we'll see an ammonia spike to indicate a cycle. So far, nothing. Just read the Start Up Guide on this site, which gave good feedback about cured vs uncured LR. Didn't know that dead things from dry or uncured rock will contribute to that first ammonia spike. Duh! The things I learn!
  13. We built our 38g Mini tank 7 days ago with live substrate (about 3inches deep) and salt water made from RO/DI from our LFS. They only sell uncured live rock, and didn't have any in stock at the time. On day 5 we added 30 lbs of live rock; purchased at another very reputable LFS, that had been curing in a large tub. Salinity in the tub was 1.024. The LFS said the rock was obtained from another LFS that closed (his friend) and that it was 6-8 years old. It it beautiful rock- lots of purple. The LFS said it was ready now for livestock, because it has already been cured. We opted NOT to add anything yet other than the rock. My question: Will this rock go through a cycle? Is it really ready for livestock? How about a CUC? We water tested today 48 hours after adding LR: Salinity 1.022; PH 8.3; Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 0. Will it cycle? Would love some feedback about the difference between a normal new tank cycle with Uncured live rock versus a new tank cycle with old "fully cured" (their words, not mine) live rock. We have time and patience to wait- I know that's that safe answer- wait it out, but for how long?
  14. Too much live rock?

    We have the 8g Nuvo as well. We found we bought too much rock, because when we added corals, many were attached to their rocks and we got the rock too! Ended up removing some older rock just to ensure enough room! We have just started the 38g as well, and we are only buying half as much as we think we need!
  15. First Time fill up for 38g

    Thanks Matthew18, If using the tap water for first fill up, clearly we'd use a good declorinate, one that removes chloramines. Any suggestions on brand that works best? We use RO/DI for all top offs and will continue to use it, bought from our local fish store. It's the initial 38g that would be a struggle to transport! Even from Walmart, that's a tough haul.