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  1. Shallow³ Pico S II - Now Cycling

    The bummer is I tore this tank down, but the good news is -- It is in the process of being set back up. More to come!
  2. Shallow³ Pico S II - Now Cycling

    Well.. Its been a little while since I have updated.. And that's because this cycle is really taking its sweet time. I said from the beginning it would be a couple months before I put anything into this tank, but the wait is killing me. I did my first water change about a week ago, and have been keeping a close eye lately as I have finally had a bit of a diatom bloom, and A LOT of green hair algae growth. I am awaiting a package of CPE and purigen, and once I get everything in place I plan on grabbing a CUC, but I'm not sure what to throw in there as far as snalis and such, and what would be best for all the green hair in such a small tank. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  3. Shallow³ Pico S II - Now Cycling

    No, I honestly love the look of the coral -- But as of now I am going to try and focus more on soft stuff in this system. This cap really is demanding as far as dosing goes to keep levels on point, and I don't want to let the cap dominate this one. I did however give up on trying to avoid adding an Mp10 to the picO. I was having trouble before with the return blowing sand too much, so I added just one more single piece of loc-line to the spout, and it fixed the issue and in turn allowed me to accept that I may need more flow. I have 2 already running on 2 other systems, but I decided I may as well start all new with equipment in this tank so I purchased my 3rd Mp10 and shallow shield, and suspect it should be here by Monday at the latest. I'm still considering a mesh top, but I love the look of topless..
  4. Shallow³ Pico S II - Now Cycling

    I thought I'd share a pic of my cap in my Biocube 14, I have pretty much abandoned the thread for that tank, as I kinda let it go and just stopped messing with it as much as I was. This thing has probably tripled or quadrupled in size in the last 10 months or so.. Its taking over! This was it almost 1 year ago
  5. >Tristan's PicO< (New pics of tank)

    Nice looking TSB for sure! Loving the amount of purple from your lighting.
  6. Shallow³ Pico S II - Now Cycling

    I was able to find some time yesterday to install my ATO, and AI controller so why not do a bit of a tank update right? I am still fiddling a bit with the lights to find out exactly what I like best but as of now, its set on the Philippines regional timer with a 3 hour ramp at 20/30/30, lunar cycle, and weather at random 40%. As for the ATO reservoir, I had originally planned on using the basket under the stand to hold some sort of container but instead opted for a 1.5 gallon Rubbermaid cereal container. Its nice and sturdy and having the pour spot w/flip top lid it allows me to fill it w/o removing the lid. The tank seems to be maturing well and has a little bit of green algae on the rocks and such, but no signs of diatoms or anything as of yet. I tested yesterday and was at 0 for trates and trites but there is some ammonia present. I did find a little off shoot of a zoa colony from my other tank floating around about a week ago that was clinched closed, so I decided to throw the 7-8 polyp little ball on one of my rocks and within about 2 hours they opened up and have even seems to get bigger. Im still messing with different return pumps and nozzle positions, trying to get less of a crater effect.. Advice on what others have done or used would be helpful. Also, is everyone with these tank who are also using a Nano w/stock mount, having to remove the light to service the media basket? (Am I missing something, or just dumb?) Monday of this week marked 3 weeks wet. Anyhow -- without further ado here are some pictures.
  7. I went against my best judgment, and ordered a new zen... If anything it will re-sell well
  8. I just picked up a brass button for my GusTS, so Im giving it another go w/ my Nimbus and Irie as well.
  9. I'm into vaping quite a bit, but Im not packing that much CB4 lol, you got stock in Standard or what? Cool to see someone else on here into it!
  10. That light looks great on the tank. I am glad the the corals are doing better!
  11. Shallow³ Pico S II - Now Cycling

    Found a little algae kicking around today, there is a little sun shine-thru from the window above the tank in the morning hours that may be causing it.
  12. Shallow³ Pico S II - Now Cycling

    Ya I learned that lesson the hard way. About a year ago I bought some off a guy on here who runs big tank that runs w/o water changes.. Or at least it did.. And the big ball I got was super full of atapsia, bristle worms, and all sorts of other bs. I ended up salvaging enough to use in my bc14 but idk if it was worth the hassle. As far as benefits-- at the time I had a fish that actually ate the pods so it came in handy, but idk if I wanna mess with constantly trimming it and so on.. Maybe-- it did seem like that tank was really thriving when it was in.. Unfortunately my "waterproof" fuge light was not so waterproof after all.
  13. Shallow³ Pico S II - Now Cycling

    I'd probably eventually spring for a tunze, but I don't know if there will really be the need for a while -- And its sort of taking away from the whole simplistic ideal of the tank in general. I may steer away from adding more and more equipment, even though I'd really like to. I have a lot of the things that IMO belong on this high end tank on a BC14 right now, like a RKL and my other mp10 and so on. As much as I'd like to cannibalize that tank and use the stuff -- I'm gonna either do w/o or buy doubles because the BC is still a decent tank. I am going to grab a mp10 shield and a mesh top soon. -- Also..I cant decide if I wanna run cheato in the back or not, it was the OG plan.. Idk now though, seems like more hassle than benefit.
  14. Shallow³ Pico S II - Now Cycling

    Bummer, was going to cash out on my Pico-vouchers for one.
  15. Nitoralis by JDH [Retired]

    Awesome pictures!