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  1. Stomatella? darker with tenticles

  2. Selling large rose bta

    Did this ever sell?
  3. How old are you?

    23.3333 Jumped straight into saltwater about 3+ years ago
  4. Probably. But I imagine that's going to get expensive fast. Is your own filtration system out of the question?
  5. Good SWF stores in Sacramento area?

    Your Reef in Roseville is a great place for frags.
  6. Where can I read up on terms and definitions?

    Search Reefkeeping magazines online articles for nitrate cycle and the others. They have a really good one on how kH mag and Ca relate
  7. Unbiased Reef Cleaners Review

    What's up with the title dude... "unbiased" What makes it unbiased? Are you implying that the ridiculous amount of positive feedback is a result of some personal bias or something? He's got outstanding feedback for one reason, excellent customer service. You got refunded the market rate for your hermits, shells, and conch right? So are you out anything?
  8. Placement of Torch coral

    Posting your lighting would help..