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  1. looks like the drawing below. i havent been able to get a good picture of it, it just looks like a rock attached entirely at the base to some live rock i have in my tank. 3 weeks after getting the rock it opened up! two parts slid out of it, one wide and shorter, i assume the intake, and the other a little longer and skinner by about half. they are red, and pretty, when you can see them. usually when the lights are on its only open a slit and you can see dark holes where both pump parts reside. when closed though, just looks like another piece of rock. any ideas? i will try to get a better picture but ive been at it forever said screw it ill draw one there isnt much to it lol. i do put those drops in your tank to feed it though.
  2. I love the trupop, my corals have great color, but my corals seem to be adjusting to the light alot ( have it dangling like 18 inches away from the tank lol, 16 inches was too close to start they all shrunk up scared) but I've noticed, unlike my old 10w50/50, every time I try to take a picture of my tank the blues overwhelm it, can't see anything. Maybe some of the violet also. Any advice on how to take pictures ( filters, etc) that I could use to actually get good pictures with the lights on? Also it worries me, right after I got the light my emerald crab and peppermint shrimp died, which I can't attribute to the light it was just a hell of a coincidence. My corals seem fine but my green star polyps curl really bad, but seem to love when it's off lol. That's at 18 inches off the water haha. Switching to a 10 gallon from a 5 this week.
  3. LFS is having a sale that will end up about 45% off live rock and everything else, starting this weekend. Timing is kind of perfect, I want to move everything from my 5 gallon over to a ten gallon, and cheap good live rock is awesome. Question is, can I move everything from the 5 gallon to the 10 now, using the sand and same water from my 5, and with the same amount of rock, no filter, and 110gph pump, not kill everything in my tank before I get a hang on back filter ( more water flow) and the correct amount of live rock? I want to be able to drop everything in on Saturday when I get it.
  4. In a nutshell, I am moving a 5 gallon over to a 10 gallon tank. I got sugar size sand in there now, much finer, but picked up 15 lbs of 1-2mm aragonite from my lfs, which is pretty far from my house. Would the two, mixed together for my 10 gallon substrate, be too big of a size? Don't know if I hav to take it back and get the small sugary stuff...
  5. turns out it opened up after a few weeks! has two "tubes" that protrude from it, both pinkish red, one wide ( i assume intake lol) and the other narrower toward the end ( outlet haha). its stuck to the rock, cant move, and just filter feeds, and closes when its startled, how i have no idea, maybe changes in light. any ideas what it may be?
  6. LED Wholesalers PAR 38 Review

    30 degrees vs 60 makes a huge difference i bet but i cant find anything online comparing penetration, distance and spread. WEAK!
  7. LED Wholesalers PAR 38 Review

    so, why would dimmable not be a selling point? im a total newb, and want to move up to a 10 gallon 20x10x12 deep, and hang the par 38. the light would be hooked to a timer, and what is the spread on the one youre talking about (nm i see that the spread is 60 degrees vs 30 degrees, but would that be too much for that shallow of a tank)? i wonder if the peaktop, at 30 degrees, could hang high enough to cover the tank and still be effective? would it be suitable for my needs? i want to buy a good unit from a respectable company so you got a few minutes to sell me on your lights? wherever i get one from i will most likely be ordering more and referring to friends. got 3 friends interested in par38's but are waiting for me to pull the trigger lol...
  8. LED Wholesalers PAR 38 Review

    the bad thing is i tried to see how many they had on ledwholesalers website and it says theyre sold out. i wonder when theyre getting more in, and where the heck amazon is getting the bulbs i have no idea lol
  9. LED Wholesalers PAR 38 Review

    how is that bulb still holding out bigceez?
  10. LED Wholesalers PAR 38 Review

    Hello all! I'm a beginner on a budget, and have a 5 gallon setup right now having heat problems with a closed lid and 10w 50/50. I already want to upgrade to a 10 gallon though, I don't think my 5 gallon is big enough for the corals I want and the bowfront makes me sick looking at it for long periods. I want to go to a 10 gallon, simple, 20 inches long x 10 inches deep x 12 inches high. Do you think one of these bulbs from amazon would cover my whole tank and still be bright enough? Right now I only have one Palau Sinularia frag that's doing wonderfully, but I have high hopes. Any help would be great I googled and found a ton of selling websites but this was the only real discussion on the bulb I could find.