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  1. ruk's little slice of ocean

    It fits like it was suppose to be there... No noise neither... Just A LOT of flow.. I am gonna grab some locline to divide the flow....
  2. ruk's little slice of ocean

    Thanks!, my phosphates are barely noticeable.. the hair algae is barely able to be pinched to rip off... It got crazy when I was a 10 day vacation, but I added a couple turbo snails and the got rid of 98% of it... Now I am trying to nail down my LED build... Because my biggest issue is evaporation..
  3. At School Biocube 29

    The reason I say individually is that is more cost effective.. for a 28 led kit is roughly 170-200 instead of almost 300 for a kit...
  4. At School Biocube 29

    Tank looks nice, that's a lot of rock in there! Think after some time it might become over crowded? I like it though... I just be worried if you add something and in 6 months to a year or so the grow out might cause you to remove some... Something to think about... It might be cheaper to order your parts seprate than get the kit... I'm in the process of building a retrofit for my stock hood too.. Come check out mine tell me what you think...
  5. ruk's little slice of ocean

    Ok so i got a few questions about my LED build. First off, the heatsink, i see people using tubing like U tube or whatnot, how affective would that be if i wanted to build it as a retrofit to fit in my stock hood. If i was to go with a regular heatsink... and say put a fan in the middle of the heatsink and cut a hole in the top of the hood, could the heatsink cover the vent holes where the stock fans are? I was thinking about getting a heatsink to fit the entire waterproof shield. then i could utilize more LED's if needed. So far my Build is going to consist of 28 LEDS 8 Cool Whites 4 Neutral Whites 8 Royal Blues 4 Blues 2 UV's 2 Green's I have not done a whole lot with electronics, but i do have a basic understanding.. and plus i have done TONS of reading on the subject... I am just curious if anyone would have any input on the heatsink vs tubing for a biocube retrofit...
  6. ruk's little slice of ocean

    So i took some pics yesterday after a WC, so it is kinda foggy sorry bout that, i will attempt to get some clear pics tonite... Just thought i would give y'all a sample... Here is a snail doing some yard work... I added this shell to the tank for some crabs and within a week there were lil shrooms and stuff growing everywhere on it. the start of my zoo / paly garden Candy Cane Orange Digitata Green / Purple Ricordia Yuma \ Green / Purple Tipped Hammer FTS
  7. ruk's little slice of ocean FTS 4/4/12 Tank Background: This tank has been active and running strong since 12/14/11. I had moved on december first and had a 55 Gallon Tall, the house owner said that i had a 40 Gallon limit since i was placing it on the 2nd story of my 3 story town home. So my wife and I started looking into smaller tanks. I then came across someone that had a brand new unopened 29 Biocube at an amazing price, so i jumped on it. Tank Plan The plan for this tank is to be a colorful, mixed reef, keeping everything. Hardware Lighting: BlueLine Aquatics 175 Watt Metal Halide 20k Lighting: 2x 36 Watt Power Compacts 50/50 Bulbs Return Pump: Rio+ 2100 692 GPH Flow: Koralia 2 600 GPH Livestock Paired Percula Clowns - Marlin & Koral Bangaii Cardinal - Ambush Flame Hawkfish - Hawkie *SpiderHawkie* Tiger Pistol Shrimp - Diggie Peppermin Shrimp - Jaque Emerald Crab - No Name as of yet. 2 Huge Snails LPS Green / Purple Tipped Mix Hammer Candy Cane SPS Red Milli Screaming Green Birdsnest Orange Montipora Digitata Green Montipora Digitata Zoa's Everlasting Gobstoppers Radio Active Dragon Eyes Eagle Eyes Skull Candy Paly's Nuclear Green Paly Lots of Misc on rocks Softies Green / Purple Ricordia Yuma Electric Purple Alveopora Purple Mat Neon Green Star Polyps Lots of misc mushrooms. Tank Modifications Everyone always ask's me what kind of mod's i have done so i figure i will make a section just for it. Mod: Removed tab between Chamber 1 and 2 Why: Increased Flow into the 2nd Chamber Mod: Removed All False Floors Why: More room in chambers 1 and 2 Mod: Added StevieT's Refugium into Chamber 2 Why: To Stuff full of Chaeto Mod: Removed Black Paint from back of tank Why: To add a light for the fuge in chamber 2 Mod: Removed Sponge before chamber 3, Inserted it in between chamber 1 and chamber 2 with a fliter floss Why: Filtration between intake in chamber 1 and fuge in chamber 2 Mod: Upgraded Return pump from stock to Rio+ 2100 Why: Increase in flow without adding multiple powerheads Mod: Replaced Return Pump hose and L Adapter with a straight hose Why: Increases Flow Chamber Layout Chamber 1 Bag of Carbon Chemipure Elite Chamber 2 StevieT's Refugium Chaeto Live Rock Rubble Chamber 3 Rio+ 2100 100w Heater <- I am debating going 2 50w Heaters... * just for a fail safe * Future Projects Led Retrofit. Status: Planning Stage, Planning 28 LED's 8 Cool Whites 4 Natural Whites 8 Royal Blues 4 Blues 2 UV 2 Green. Trying to plan layout. Very Open to comments on this. I originally would like to keep this in the stock hood, for a sleek look as well as help with evaporation, but i am still very open to a possible hanging fixture. Build Sump for inside the Biocube 29 Stand Status: Trying to figure out dimensions, and if i will move the refugium to the sump instead of chamber 2 Same here, open to comments / concerns..