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  1. My Cubus Pico

    Wow, this thread is still going. But a little update for you guys, this was taken down a few years ago. However, I have another project and it's even smaller than this, so stay tuned for a new thread!
  2. What to make false wall out of?

    Thanks, all. I'll just go with black acrylic Know where to get sheets of this?
  3. What to make false wall out of?

    I should have been more specific but I mean material for making a divider like what biocubes/nanocubes use to make them AIO. Thanks for the info though. I thought about this but how would you cut slits into it without cracking the glass?
  4. What to make false wall out of?

    I'm looking at using a glass cube and was wanting to make it an aio. The problem is I don't know what material to use. Preferably a black material. I've heard acrylic and glass don't mix so I was wondering what other materials, that are black, that are safe to use. Thanks!
  5. My Cubus Pico 2.0

    Some of you may remember my other pico here: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/298968-my-cubus-pico/ It is no longer running anymore due to being busy. But while at my LPS I saw another Marina Cubus on sale for $13 so I'll be doing an upgraded version of my last one. This will be an AIO with a custom cabinet/hood design like before. So far I'm only in the designing stages but I've got a few pics to show my general idea. It's mostly going to be made out of acrylic and various hinges for a door to open up storage space on the bottom and to open the hood. Pics
  6. Maxspect Razor Owners thread

    Which hanging kits are you all using? I just got my nano and looking into hanging it because it is leaning quite a bit.
  7. Crab I.D.

    Makes sense, thanks!
  8. Crab I.D.

    Thanks! But the rock is relatively large, about 12x12x4, I'll try this out though. Neato, is it in your main tank? Wow, their pretty similar but they seem to primarily live underwater but I'm guessing as they get older they'd transfer over to land or something.
  9. Crab I.D.

    I don't have a sump, but I have them in a breeder trap in the main tank. Anyone know how to get the others out from the rock?
  10. Crab I.D.

    They don't really look like gorillas and their really tiny. They've got the shape of trapeziid crabs but claws are short and round. Also their not that colorful. I dunno hopefully someone else can answer. But I think they may be full grown cause they seem to all live in one rock like a colony or something. I did check the bucket the rock is in and saw about 5 or so crawling on the rock plus a few hermits.
  11. Crab I.D.

    Got some live rock from the Caribbean and found a bunch of these tiny crabs. There's probably more thats still in the rock. Anyone know what they are/safe? I can get better/more pics if needed.
  12. My Cubus Pico

    Thanks! But unfortunately I do not have any photos/plans of the process of the build. Good luck though, I hope to see some pics of the finished product.
  13. Rose Bubble Tip Nem

    I've been thinking of getting one and was wondering if my lighting is enough. I have 2x Ecoxotic panorma pro 12k/445nm blue and 1x 445nm/magenta pro. For a total of 3x pro modules over a BC29.
  14. Anthias ID

    P. flavicauda ? http://www.reeffrontiers.com/photos_fish/s...uda&cat=500
  15. tetra half moon 10g seamless aquarium

    Its a slight flex. If you were to put your hand on the bottom and apply some pressure it will bend at the slightest bit if at all. Its somewhat of a heavy duty type plastic. I don't have the tank anymore so I can't remember exactly how it looks.