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  1. Rics & Zoas

    I second tenor
  2. My clam may have been stung!

    Man I don't know because I have a red bubble tip anemone attached to one of my clams mantles right now been there for about a month. The clam still looks healthy even though they rub up against each other. I need to snap a pic
  3. white sebae anemone

    Yes that's perfectly normal it's getting acclimated to its new tank. When it first attaches that's a good sign it's healthy if it didn't then it's not healthy.
  4. getting a clam to let go

    I second don't touch it if you damage the foot chances are you would end up killing it. Btw nice clam!
  5. Hey so looks like I can't use the site anymore it's been real everyone peace stay safe god bless and to the haters #### you! Peace out!
  6. Lol those are god of war that's what I bought them as so..... Idk what your talking about man
  7. Need your idea - fish add to biocube 29

    Get a yellow watch man goby or if you meant you already had one by "yellow goby" look into a pistol shrimp they will pair and are super cool to watch
  8. Your a fast learner young samurai
  9. Damn you got me lol ya I have a shitty camera but ask and of my past customers and they will tell you I answer pms super fast am very realable and everyone gets what they wanted so gfy. Garbage corals c'mon I know your shitty corals can't talk so....
  10. Wow! I really don't care if noone buys my coral i am at least 100% honest on the site tell chris ..... Was that suppose to be a threat because Im pretty sure others were hating on me before I started preaching the truth. Your 18 years old also so gtf out go smoke with your friends! Ya I found a lobo tree lol
  11. Yolo man haha I'm a senior member on this bitch what some little dude with 3 posts going to start a fight with the king of shit lol. Don't like me don't buy my corals they act like me! Speaking of which, your coral selection is B=====D. Could you please tell me what you meant by this?
  12. Bump pm with interesting will throw in a frag of Xenia with every order!
  13. Did you blow tenor or something lol? U seem to be all up on his dic&!
  14. Not going to like tenor is a great person, but you have 3 posts so dont be acting like you know shit on this site lol