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  1. 135 rimless reef

    I'll ask, who made the tank?! Thing looks freaking nice.
  2. FS: MP10 ES x2

    Both pumps are sold.
  3. FS: MP10 ES x2

    Bummppp. They are all shined up (or as much as one can shine an MP10 in 20 minutes) and waiting for a new home!
  4. FS: MP10 ES x2

    EDIT: Both pumps are now sold 2 MP10 ES's for sale. Original boxes included. Both in full working order, I've just moved on to bigger wave makers. 2013 manufacturer dates. The pumps were put into service within a week of each other. Pumps show normal or less than normal wear and tear. $170 each, ground shipping included in that price. Paypal only. PM if interested.
  5. It's not rare by any means, but my Lyretail Anthia is my favorite fish
  6. The reefbreeders supernova at macna

    Saw it today. It's LEDs are all replaceable by the user, assuming the user has a screwdriver. So are the drivers. Everything is very simply labeled and it all is incredibly well laid out on the board. After seeing it in person, the $700 price tag makes sense. It's a light with future proofing built into it, a lot better than I've seen other companies try to.
  7. Thanks! The MicMol has been solid, it gives me a 16k look at 80% on the 3 channels, and the corals seem to like it. Can't ask for much more. I've been kicking around the idea of selling the acan collection. Getting a new motorcycle and need to cover some of the expenses .
  8. Dang DSLR memory card got chomped by the dog! Back up camera pics This acan frag has gone from 5 heads to something like 9 or 11 all around it since going in the frag tank All three of the above pics are from tonight. Cell phone cam only white balances so well. More pics of the same as some previous updates, but everything has been looking fuller and better now. Lastly some of the SPS in there. They got some algae on em and need a quick peroxide bath. The green stick on the right side was previously completely dead, well I thought it was. Frag tank to the rescue! The coral on the left with the green polyps was bleached out, and honestly I didn't know it had green polyps until now. Thunderstorm video to come!! It will be mehh.
  9. Link here for the specific light - Ebay Thanks! The acans are doing crazy good. I have time tonight so I can take some pics and vids. The SPS are doing well, I need to step up the water flow in the lil frag tank for them to thrive though. The seller I found on Ebay has a better mix of lighting color for my preferences. Got rid of a white from the normal MicMol and replaced it with a UV. The pro's are hard to come by for some reason, the mini has been great for me with the timers it comes with. Thunderstorm mode is....a little underwhelming. I'll throw a video up of it and it will make more sense why it's a bit gimmicky.
  10. Will be tonight! Acan's are growing like crazy in it.
  11. Emerald Crab Problems

    Can the Coral Beauty Angel be blamed at all? Or was the crab caught red (emerald? hoho! bad joke of the night) handed?
  12. Just bought over 200 bucks worth of snails!

    +1. How big is your tank???
  13. I've talked about it some here on my frag tank thread, as well as having a few more pictures. Haven't had the time to do a proper review of it sadly. Overall I'm still quite happy with it, especially for the price.
  14. I went MicMol. Found an Ebay seller that at least has a "UV" LED thrown in.
  15. Not much to update. The 3 damsels dart around between the holes and chase each other. I've added a 1 armed emerald crab for general cleanup, along with a bunch of snails. A comparison pic below of the corals from today, similar to the pic from 3 weeks ago.