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  1. I have added a 32mm gate valve below the ball valve I already had on my DT to sump return. Gate vales are much easier to balance and fine tune. I can now shut of the water to the sump using the ball valve above and use the gate valve to fine tune the water level in my weir. Just a small mod but a worthwhile one for anybody having difficulty getting the ideal height of water to the overflow in their weir.
  2. Hope you got it sorted and no losses apart from the salt water and at least you got to do a long overdue water change. Living in a first floor apartment that is my biggest fear, I can't afford a major flood and the guy below me won't want a saltwater shower and a ceiling pretending to be the floor.
  3. Flow in the reef tank is very important right. My pump control centre with 2 X Maxspect Gyre FX150s a FX130 a Tunze 6040. I also have a Jebao DC8000 return pump. Complete with resident ghost. My DT housing the pumps.
  4. I use an Aqua Medic kalk stirrer on my 100 gallon and run my ATU through it. However even though have a lot of SPS and other hard corals I found my calcium was getting too high while running all my top up water through it. I could have just put a simple timer on the ATU so it just run at night but that would mean my salinity going up and down like a yo-yo so not the best solution. What I needed was for my ATU to put my reservoir water through the kalc stirrer at night and for plain RO to be delivered during the day into my sump. This way it would give me a much more stable SG and still provide enough calcium for my corals. I also wanted whatever I came up with to be quite cheap . What I hit on, with the help of a friend, was to have a 2 pump system with a digital LCD timer switch supplying 12v to 2 X 12v mini DC pumps. I was already using such a pump and know how good they are for such a small very inexpensive pump. I had an old Nokia 3pin 230v to 12v DC 4.8w phone charger and all I had to do was remove the mini plug bare the wires and wire it into the switch timer. The 2 X 12v DC pumps were wired then into the switch timer. When completed one pipe from one pump was rooted into the sump and the other attached to my Kalk stirrer which in turn puts kalk into my sump. Then all I needed to do was programme the timer so kalk was delivered at night via one pump and pure RO during the day into the sump via the other pump. Costs. Digital LCD power timer switch. £7.99p delivered. 12V mini pump. £3.05p delivered. Both above from the eBay. Nokia 3pinUK phone charger I already had so free. 2 meters of 2 core bell wire 50p. Total cost £11-54p Switch timer. 12v DC mini pump. Reservoir with 2 mini pumps installed. Aqua Medic Kalk stirrer. I can now adjust the amount of kalc and therefore calcium etc to my tank by altering the times on the digital timer between the 2 pumps.
  5. Hope it's OK to post the following link here, Paul, you might find this of some interest.
  6. He;s been very poorly recently and been in hospital, I am sure he will be back all being well.
  7. A quick YouTube video just posted 2 weeks after setting it up my new Algae Turf Scrubber.
  8. Well I am glad my vid music had some sort of affect on you Paul even if i's wasn't quite the one I had in mind lol
  9. Paul I notice your golden gorgonian seems to be going the way mine eventually did in that it slowly withered and the yellow/golden polyps became less and less. I guess that's down to a food deficiency as i don't think they are photosynthetic. I bought a new gorgonian last week a light loving one and intend to do a frag of it soon as they are easy to frag once you know how. I first fragged one of these about 25 plus years ago and it appeared in the UK mag Practical Fishkeeping. Here is my new one.
  10. Quick update YouTube video 8 days on from starting it up. Contrary to what some people thought it is very easy to remove the screen for cleaning as you will see.
  11. Keep us posted on progress. I used a hole cutting saw to rough my screen up but you can use a broken hacksaw blade or even rough sandpaper as you probably know.
  12. 7 days after I set it up and running and they do say a picture is worth a thousand words. Remember this was a completely fresh screen. I did however rub some GHA over both sides of the screen but much of that was washed off when the water flow started as it had not really attached via it's own devices, however some bits did remain to seed the screen. Unfortunately I didn't think to show just what GHA had remained on the screen some hours after starting the waterfall flow commenced so you could see the growth since, but never mind. Here are 2 pic's showing each side of the screen. I think they speak for themselves. Pic's taken at 1pm today. ATS started up on the 10 Jan 2017 at approximately 8pm I will take more pic's in 7days time and every 7 days there after showing progress or lack of it. Thank's for baring with me.
  13. I will do it for you Paul this is but one species of them there are others of course needed deep substrate to burrow down into. I doubt they would be much interested in your wifes underwear drawn but you never know in this hobby They are social animals really.
  14. My ATS arrived a day before Hermes said it would be delivered and so I had time to do an amateur (read VERY amateur) YouTube video of it so here it is.