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  1. *BUMP $280 For Everything!! Cheap Come Pick it up!!!!
  2. I'm selling my 4 month old Biocube 14 with Stand and everything need to start a small reef/saltwater tank. Come with Heater, InTank Mediabasket , everything is less than 4 month old. Just upgrade to a Biocube 29 so i no longer need this. Asking 300 for everything....
  3. How would I add 2 more light into my tank ? and where are you located?
  4. RO/DI .....Question?!?

    Thanks for the Fast reply... I think i'm gonna look into a portable RO/DI system i can hook up my garden horse into so when i need RO/DI water i can pull it out and get some... Anyone know of a good deal on one of those =D
  5. RO/DI .....Question?!?

    Hello I'm new to this forum and the whole reef tank in general. =D I have a Biocube 14 setup that has been running for 2 weeks. Anyways Down to my Question. I have a RO system installed in my home for drinking and cooking water. My Question is... is there a DIY De-Ionisation (/DI) where i can pull water from my RO and DI it before going into my tank for Top off? or should i just go to a LFS and buy some RO/DI water and store it until need to use.. Which Route should be cheaper? If this has already been asnwer than i'm sorry.