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  1. tailspot blenny

  2. IMG_20120516_151656

  3. IMG_20120516_151623

  4. 2sweets Biocube

  5. 7092587781_68df043781

    That is simply stunning!
  6. fts 15k+blue on

    Best rockwork I've seen on this site!
  7. Nuvo or Not to Nuvo? Newb here

    I would love to see some pictures of your IM38 and what you've done with it. Are the lights strong enough to grow coral? Just curious.
  8. Oh Snap its another Bio-Cube 14g Thread!

    Looks really nice! I love your rock set up. Looks really good so far.
  9. Help me Identify this coral please

    Thanks, yep, the white spots are actually pink with dark pink "mouths" in the middle and short tenticles that are out all the time. There was only one when I first got the tank but they are multiplying so I wasn't sure if they were coming from the skeleton or if they just settled in the cavities so I thought I'd ask. I want to be able to care for everything in my tank with the right food and light. I must be doing something right because it's happy so far. My daughter said some kind of fav. Thanks again
  10. I bought a tank that had some rock and water and sand but no coral that I could see. I added water and the tank ran through a cycle. Then I noticed there was some coral that extended out of the rock and there seem to be more than when I saw my first one. Can anybody help me identify this coral so I can address it's needs? It's the yellow one in the middle, there are little pink softies coming out of it that extend their tenticles day and night. My cleanup crew keeps it clean and tidy for me. Here is a photo: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphoto...621391167_n.jpg
  11. Beans' 29g Biocube (updated 7-6)!

    Loving the way that light fixture sits on top of your cube...looks like it was meant to be there!