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  1. 5 Gallon build

    Hey thanks. I figured 5 gals isn't enough pressure to sweat it lol. I'd never build a bigger tank, I'd lack testicular fortitude on it too : )
  2. 5 Gallon build

    please delete this thread
  3. 5 Gallon build

    So, here I am joining a forum once again... I live in Victoria BC and have been reefkeeping 3 years now. I currently run a 90 gallon system with 10 gallon fuge, 10 gallon mangrove forest and 20 gallon frag tank. Decided to have a bit of fun with a nano or pico? (Clarify please) Not sure direction Im going yet, not alot of room in it lol. Thinking Zoas and maybe rics. Might try a nice acro if the lighting allows it. Ok so, on with a few pics... I actually ended up not using this piece but made the whole back wall overflow. Tomorrow I'm getting the lighting attached, adding the heater, mixing some salt and adding some sand and rock if all goes well. Thanks for looking and any opinions on the lighting and if we think is going to fry things. The tank dimensions are 20x11x6 and the waterline sits at 5.5" so, sand + rock looking at 2" of water in spots. Cheers