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  1. Hi , Just wanted to say im a big fan of this site and you guys are very helpful and love to get youre advice on this decision im having to deal with. Im getting into the hobby but im looking for a good SW tank that will be easy to maintain for a beginner. There so many bicube, solano , red sea max 130d , Innovative Marine 28g mini nuvo, Cadlight 38g etc. Im gonna start with Fish and a few coral if possible then get into reef as i learn more. But im freaking out there so dam many tanks and looks like all need mods to them LED ligth need better heater, Need better skimmer etc. Im looking for 28g and up i figured 38g is good stable tank compare to 28g? However , im not to good in doing mods everything i fix breaks so (ex semi pro football player lol) What do you guys think is good quality tank any suggestions? Any advice will be greatly appreciated . Thanks guys , Mike