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  1. MB's IM Nuvo Nano 8

    Hey what do you use for the filter section? Are you using the original filter basket with innovative marine's sponges or putting something else?? I recently got the chemipure elite and purigen, but then it seems like using the filter basket won't let the flow through the filter, so I just threw it away. I'm just wondering how you are doing it, your tank looks nice
  2. Well known for ####ty services I guess Thank you all!
  3. lol I suppose... I wish the petco store I went is closer to my place but it's like 3 hours drive I guess I should start looking up more stores for sand perch
  4. Hello guys I'm trying to get a red spotted sand perch, which is the fish that made me to start all this nano reef thing. I've seen this fish in a petco, and I researched about it when I got back to home and found out that it really is a red spotted sand perch rather than a blenny. Now here is the funny thing, I figured out that not many places sell this red spotted sand perch.. So should I order red scooter blenny from petco and expect it to be red spotted sandperch?? Does anyone know if they ALWAYS sell the red spotted sand perch as red scooter blenny or would it be just some stupid locations? lol I know it's kinda weird question, but if anyone had bought it from petco, I would appreciate any help
  5. Too much live rock?

    this one is what I'm trying to get, but I couldn't really find much info yet need more research
  6. Too much live rock?

    I'm trying not to cover more sand because sand perch probably wants more area over sand right?
  7. Too much live rock?

    Now my tank finally getting some diatoms! hurray!! and I was wondering if I had put too much rocks in the tanks, I've read that the biggest problem would be blocking water circulation and I use only innovative marine's spin stream for water flow, I have extra power head but planning to use them for mixing waters for WC. Also my plan for living stock would be one fire shrimp, one red spotted sand perch (Really want this!), and one percular clown maybe. Tank is 8 gallon, I ordered 10 lbs of LR and sand, but I'm not exactly sure how much they actually weigh. Here are the pictures from each sides, please let me know what you think
  8. Ro/Di for drinking water?

    Thank you all Any comment on the unit that i'm buying??
  9. Hello, I just decided to get Ro/DI unit after figuring out that my tap water contains 0.75 ppm ammonia, which is awful. I'm thinking about http://bit.ly/Hh0hET this one, after doing some search on forum here. But one thing bothering me is that I've read somewhere that drinking water from Ro/DI is bad because it's lacking some minerals and blah blah. If someone can clarify this issue, I would appreciate any other RO/DI unit recommendation would be great as well!
  10. Finally! Live rock is here :D

    sounds tempting but the main reason I got into salt water is for red spotted sand perch, so I should wait for it before I get the corals lol
  11. Finally! Live rock is here :D

    Ammonia and nitrites are between 0.5 - 1, I think it's fine so far
  12. Finally! Live rock is here :D

    how high is high for ammonia and nitrite??
  13. Finally! Live rock is here :D

    yeah I do have test kits ty for advice!
  14. Finally! Live rock is here :D

    So far it doesn't smell at all
  15. Finally! Live rock is here :D

    For how long??