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  1. Kat's Ol' Max

  2. RAOK - Random Act of Kindness

    Hey Eddie, Ill take the hydor Flow, if its still available. ill pm you
  3. For Sale!

    How much
  4. Algae Issue Question

    Algae Fix Marine API. 2 weeks almost cleared i tried everything before that
  5. Algae Fix API is working for me, although i have lost some livestock. Although its the only thing that worked, ive tried everything natural
  6. Emergency Help

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the advice, sadly he passed this morning
  7. Emergency Help

    Everything else looks normal as usaul
  8. Emergency Help

    Hello, My scooter blenny isnt moving, isnt eating and looks to be sleeping he is still alive. The only reasoning i can think of is algae fix, ive been looking up what to do and im going to do a WC ASAP Any more advice thanks
  9. Great Barrier Reef

    its been on hundredz of times now if you have comcast you can probably find it on demand or search for it
  10. PAR38 Discount!

    Do u have any par #'s
  11. Where do you get the best and cheapest frags?

    Salt Critters has very cheap prices, ive had a good experience with them. The only thing i dont like is there doa policy and how unprofessional they are against not only their competitors, but to there customers who have a problem, just expect hundreds of swear words if you go with them and have a problem, other than that they have cheap healthy corals i think
  12. HELP

    Woah, this must be some new disease or something if nobody knows.
  13. HELP

  14. HELP

    Does anyone know if i can do anything to help my toadstool