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  1. sorta bummed

    so Im pretty sure he died - at feeding I couldnt spot him any where. My guess is under the rock work - are my half dozen hermit crab and shrimp gonna clean him up or should I try to take apart my rock work and find him?
  2. sorta bummed

    your guess is as good as mine - like i said he was in the middle of the tank when I got home (which got me pumped because my elegance looked amazing and the fire goby was out - seemed like a perfect day) then I noticed he was all beat and I couldnt believe how he looked, his tail was just the 4 or 5 bones not the normal flared out spade shape beautiful tail they have.. well he was in the middle then he swam away under the rock he hid under originally. He came out to eat but I havent seen him since. I was so excited to see my elegance full and zoas open and frog spawn looking good I started taking pictures (you could see firegoby in the middle) then I moved in for a closer look and my whole day went to poop.
  3. sorta bummed

    yea watchman went in at the same time the clowns went in but he punked em right away - they swam by he would puff up and chase em. I added the fire goby then then cardinals. are my cardinals in risk aslo ? the clowns pretty much owned the whole tank till i added the fire goby last week and the cardinals this week.
  4. sorta bummed

    you think so? I sat there watching em after I noticed it for nearly half hour - they just chase each other, female constantly nips at the male but other then that they show no aggression to any one else. The fire goby was right in the middle of the tank for maybe 20minutes before he swam away and they swam around him and didnt even look at him it seemed.
  5. sorta bummed

    -29g biocube -have watchman goby since day one - love the guy. -decide to buy fire goby. -get him in the tank, everything seems fine. fire goby dashes to rear of tank, takes shelter under rock -starts poking his head out more and more daily - eats no problem -starts coming out more and more - checking out the tank -yesterday he looked amazing -today i get home his top fin and tail are ripped to pieces -hes sitting in the middle of the tank -ends up swimming back to where he was originally hiding, havent seen him since not sure if watchman did him in, only have a pair of clowns and 3 cardinals in the tank. 1 cleaner shrimp and 1 bandit coral shrimp.
  6. superglue question

    when i buy frags i place them where i want then my snails and hermit crabs knock them over - can i put some super glue on the frag, place it in the water and stick it to the rock where i want it to sit?
  7. how to capture tron effect?

    and by tron effect i mean the cool neon colors produced by the blue lights which makes coral grow.
  8. how to capture tron effect?

    droid maxx
  9. sorry but I tried every option with my cell phone and every option with my coolpix point and shoot - what ever I do I cant capture what Im seeing with the human eye on blue / royale blue lighting. All I get is a picture full of blue.
  10. I have a tank thats been up for maybe 4 or 5 months now - i want to add more sand - whats the best way of doing this? My initial thoughts were to do a 5g water change and once i drain the water out remove the live rock and try to catch my fishes / shrimps and hermits / snails. I think that will be to stressful for them and myself. Any odea whay i could do? I wanna double my sand bed, currently have roughlt 30lbs i want to add enough to have a 3" maybe a little thicker sand bed.
  11. -i tried yelling at them -i tried pointing to it every time the clowns looked at me (sat in front of the tank for nearly 4hrs) -i tried moving them into the anemone nothing works. i dont really have an anemone, I just thought it would be funny to type up that I tried to yell at my clowns to host anemone. carry on.

    Im upgrading from a marineland reef led. I gotta play around with the lights - i know I have it set to high, at highest 35%. Im gonna readjust em this weekend. Im getting brown alage bloom all over my sand. Yes upgrade but new / newesh tank. 4month old with 2 zoa frags and one frogspawn for tomorrow and saturday I simply lifted the light higher. Ill readjust this weekend like I said.

    hey - I just set up my sol blue over over my 29g biocube. I have it maybe 12" above the water can someone link me or quote settings so I could have it reef friendly.
  14. id zoas

    the brown looking ones are more orange then they appear in the picture - any idea?
  15. neon dottyback attacking my watchman goby

    and my tank looks nothing like it did - had to move all the rock work. fuuuuuu