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  1. Fluval edge conversion

    Already done it, love it
  2. Aquaray on 6g

    Which aquaray would be suitable for a 6 gallon tank, 500 or 1000 be ok? Also what's the minimum size the tank need to be to fit the Light mounting bracket? Can't seem to find it.
  3. Halide question

    Ok thanks
  4. Halide question

    Stupid question but can you put a 70w bulb in a 150w halide?
  5. Fluval Edge 12 Gallon: LED DIY

    How is the spread Of light across Your tank? Is it even or still a bit of a spotlight.
  6. Taking top of fluval edge, so what lights?

    I've rethought it and I think par38 could be what I need?. I've seen these 27w 4 blue, 4 white and 1 warm white. Http://www.ledpacific.com/products/Reef-Wh...ew-Fitting.html Or 36w 4 cool white, 1 warm white, 1 Fiji pink http://www.marinereefled.co.uk/36w-mariner...uadspec-1-p.asp They are high wattage but I would be looking to move it a bit higher.
  7. Taking top of fluval edge, so what lights?

    Im not keen on the par38 too much of a spotlight. Is this The one you were using? http://www.aquatraders.com/14-inch-1x24W-P...ure-p/51106.htm Do you think this would be ok to use, or do you think it would be more suited to freshwater, the white light is only 6500k http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/T5-T8-Aquarium-F...9#ht_3155wt_912 I'm finding it hard to get something in the uk without spending big money.
  8. I'm taking the top of my fluval edge. Its too impractical and seen other people doing it and it still looks well. Now what lights should I get? I'm on a mission to get good lights under £150 something like 18 t5 Nova Extreme t5HO http://www.current-usa.com/lighting/nova-extreme-2x Will these lights like these be adequate to keep Torch coral etc... The only problem is in the UK and the choice of lighting is crappy compared to the stuff in the US so I may have to get it imported in. Does anyone know we're I can get something simular to these in the UK? The nova lights I can get from http://www.discountedpetproducts.net for £75 pounds anyone used them?
  9. What's the chances for growing anything with these? Link Or can anyone suggest lights for a 6 gallon 40cm in length
  10. Cycling tank 1 week on no change.

    My reading is at roughly 2-4 which is probably a bit excessive , I just wanted to get the ball rolling. It's ammonia 9.5% from homebase (uk) Seem other people online used that brand and never had any problems with it, wouldn't have used it unless it had been tried and tested.
  11. Cycling tank 1 week on no change.

    I'm in no rush to add any stock at the moment I'm getting my lights sorted for the fluval edge, just want it to be well cycled.
  12. Cycling tank 1 week on no change.

    I went and got one bottled ammonia today, but my PH has spiked now hopefully it will settle.
  13. First reef Fluval Edge

    Has anyone seen these available in the uk, had a look myself but can't find them.
  14. Fluval edge mr16 help

    Well I changed the sockets from mr11 to mr11 worked perfectly came back an hour later and the lights are off and won't turn on. I've opened it up everything seems fine wires all still connected, tried a mr11 bulb still nothing. Any ideas?
  15. Cycling tank 1 week on no change.

    Thanks for the help, I'll try to pick some ammonia tomorrow I would rather get it cycled before adding fish.