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  1. All good points and feedback! Ill take some pics when the lights are on next. Its 10g Nuvo (more like 7g of water) and there is a PJ Cardinal and a Randall goby/pistol shrimp pair. Light is a AI Prime about 7” off the water. Corals are half way up the tank or lower. DKH is generally 8 but was a bit low last time I checked, at 7.3 Alk stays quite steady in this tank and I check it many times a week. pics soon!
  2. Cool, thanks this is good advice. I agree about not feeding for the sake of raising nutrients. I know things could go south pretty fast. So I have been cautious about how much food goes into the tank. My fish are already quite chubby haha. I may try dosing phosphate. I am still really confused by why this tiny tank with minimal filtration is able to keep nitrate and phosphate so low.
  3. Not much of an issue. I have an Apex and DOS to keep Alk and Ca steady. I continue small water changes every few weeks to make sure trace elements are fine but I do not test for anything other than Nitrate, Phosphate, Alk and Ca. Generally I test Alk every few days and Nitrates once a week. The tank is not going through as much Alk or Ca as I would have expected but that would be due to the fairly slow growth. I think the only sps that has grown quite fast is a Red Dragon...which I also find odd since for me they have been slow growing in the past. Honestly, I find this aquarium to be the strangest I have ever had. It really makes no sense to me.
  4. Hi all! I have a bit of a strange but "not a bad problem to have", problem. Most of my years in reefing have been with larger tanks that struggled to export nutrients despite having refugiums, skimmers, carbon dosing ect. This time, I have a Nuvo 10G AIO tank that seems to have incredibly low nutrients... no matter what I do (even changed test kits thinking they were inaccurate). Nitrates are always around 0-2. Phosphate always undetectable. I don't have to clean the glass more than once a week. No algae in the tank, so it's not algae consuming nutrients. No skimmer, no refugium, basically just weekly 2G water changes. I thought maybe 2G each week was too much so I switched to 2G every two weeks but nothing changed. More on that later. The only filtration is about 5 lbs of LR and Marine Pure bio spheres filling the middle back chamber (I would guess about 8 balls). I run Chemi-pure nano if I have had my hands in the tank but that is not often. The tank is 90% sps which of course are all pale, looks like a old school zeo tank...not something I like. They grow and have some polyp extension but not much. They grow at roughly half the pace I would expect. The other 10% of coral are gorgonains, zoas, a duncan and green star polyps. All of these grow incredibly fast. So weird, not what I would expect at all. The GSP is like a weed and I figure this is using some nitrates. There are two fish which are fed daily with basically as many pellets as they want. I feed the corals with Oyster feast (probably why the softies are actually growing) every night or two. I used to do weekly water changes but figured it was too much and switched to every two weeks. Nothing changed. I then went on vacation and therefore did no water change for a month and... yeah, you guessed it, nitrates were still low. Maybe just over 2 on a salifert test. I am pretty disappointed with my sps color and growth but I also don't want to go crazy and dump a bunch of food in the tank which in turn will just create new issues. I am hesitant to add one more fish because the tank is small and the two fish I have get along very well. Any ideas?
  5. I have a Randall's Goby and a Tiger pistol shrimp. I see the shrimp all the time, she rarely stops moving sand out of their burrow. Sometimes, when she gets really active with the sand renovations, the goby will go for a little swim and hang out in the front of the tank until she is done. It's pretty funny. Other times, the goby refuses to move and the shrimp just pushes the sand AND goby out of the way. They actually compete pretty hard for food. I used to be a little concerned but they seem to work it out.
  6. Yeah, this is basically my idea. The bourbon is a nice touch! Then hopefully if he kills my tank, he would leave me a bottle of bourbon for when I return.
  7. Apex Jr. , yes, expensive but has definitely been worth it. I am not a lazy person but I do not like spending hours working on a tank and problem solving. I have quite a few Neptune products on this little tank (Apex, DOS, ATO, Leak detection) and they cost a lot but they also make me enjoy the hobby a lot more. I actually took on extra work just to buy this stuff and not feel guilty lol
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I do have a lot of confidence in him and everything is pretty easy, he would just need to throw a powerhead and heater in the pre-mixed water (yes, it would be covered) for a while, then turn off the pumps with the Apex and do the water change. It's really easy but I guess I still worry with it being someone who has no experience. I am adding a web/security cam to my Apex this weekend so I could just decide during my trip if the tank looks like it needs a water change or not. Off topic but anyone have a good suggestion for a web or security cam set up?
  9. I have a IM10, full of SPS that are doing really well. I do have a slight cyano problem but otherwise the tank is doing great with weekly 2G water changes. I have an Apex that controls temperature, ATO, feeding, dosing, ect. Everything is dialed in really well by now. I will be going away for 3.5 weeks and don't have anyone experienced to check in on my tank. I was going to have my brother do a 2G water change ONCE at the half way point of my trip. I would leave pre-mixed salt water and walk him through what to do, he is a detail orientated person but he doesn't have reef experience. I am having a tough time deciding between asking him to do one water change and just leaving the tank for 3.5 weeks and seeing what happens. Thoughts?
  10. I had the Hydra 52 over my IM25 and it was great. It's easy to dial down. I think I ran mine about... 70% most of the time.
  11. I just bought this little pump, seems really cool but it can’t seem to find any wifi networks when I try: network connection. It goes to a page that says: choose the network to connect with. But underneath where I assume there should be a list of wifi networks is just blank. Any ideas?
  12. Not a very exciting update. I realllllly need to get a camera that can take actual coral/fish photos, my phone can't get anything good. Anyways, I read a lot of mixed reviews on the Tunze DOC 9001 Skimmer when I was looking into what skimmer I would try for the Nuvo 25. It's been...3 months now and I can confidently say I am very impressed with this skimmer. I feed pellets every day or two and mysis once a week, if I remember. Overall, not a heavily stocked tank (two clowns and a PJ Cardinal) and I do not over feed. I have never been into skimmerless tanks and this is why... This is what it's pulled out of my tank in the past 4 days. I found the skimmer took a good few weeks to break in and needs a very steady water level (most do) but otherwise I am never adjusting it. I just have to clean it a few times a week.
  13. I don't have a lot to add to this discussion but it's got some really great info. I do believe that one day water changes will be a thing of the past or used only for emergencies (maybe). Most likely a few "old school" reefers will still do them just because they can't let go of the past but it's pretty hard for me to imagine this hobby does not evolve away from water changes. It will probably be amusing to reefers of the future when they learn that we used to do weekly water changes 😂
  14. Thanks! I had the same thoughts after reading numerous reviews.
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